Private and International Schools

The vast majority of schools are state-run and free. However, some non-public schools exist. Some of these teach the same curriculum as state schools for the same diplomas, but charge tuition. Others teach foreign curricula and award foreign qualifications.

Among secondary schools, the following private schools teach the state curriculum and receive state subsidies:
École privée Marie-Consolatrice
École privée Sainte-Anne
École privée Fieldgen
Lycée technique Émile Metz
École privée Notre-Dame Sainte Sophie

Another five private schools teach a different curriculum, and receive fewer subsidies:
Waldorf School (teaches towards the International Baccalaureate)
St. George's International School (teaches the National Curriculum of England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
International School of Luxembourg (teaches towards the International Baccalaureate)
Lycée Vauban: Lycée francais du Luxembourg (teaches the French national curriculum)
École privée Grandjean

The European schools are public schools, in the sense that they accept (for free) the children of European Union civil servants, and those whose parents work for other organisations with some special agreement. Other parents may also send their children, spaces permitting, but must pay tuition. They consist of European Schools I and II, and award the European Baccalaureate.