Administrative Ranks

Universities and higher institutions
Canselor (Chancellor), a university royal patron and ceremonial head; equivalent to the Constitutional Head of IIUM.

Pro-Canselor (Pro-Chancellor)

Presiden (President) can be:
The university chairman; or
The chairman of the university board of directors; or
The university chief executive officer.

Rektor (Rector); assisted by Timbalan Rektor (Deputy Rector), can be:
The chief executive officer of the International Islamic University Malaysia, university colleges and Teachers' Education Institute;
A head of branch campus of MARA University of Technology.

Naib Canselor (Vice Chancellor), the chief executive officer of a university. His deputy is Timbalan Naib Canselor (Deputy Vice Chancellor); and sometimes Penolong Naib Canselor (Assistant Vice Chancellor), lower than the Deputy Vice Chancellor.

Dekan (Dean); head of faculty. His deputy is Timbalan Dekan (Deputy Dean).

Pengarah (Director), assisted is Timbalan Pengarah (Deputy Director) or Penolong Pengarah (Assistant Director), can be:
The head of a university subordinate; or
The chief executive officer of an institute, a college and a polytechnic.

Pengetua (Principal); head of university residential college; equivalent to Ketua Felo (Head of Fellows).

Ketua Jabatan (Head of Department)

Ketua Program (Head of Programme)

Penyelaras (Coordinator)

Felo (Fellow) is an officer attached to a university residential college.

Pengetua (Principal), head of secondary school.

Guru Besar (Headmaster/Headmistress); head of kindergarten and primary school.

Guru Penolong Kanan (Assistant Principal/Headmaster) of primary and secondary school. Sometimes it can be referred as Timbalan Pengetua or Penolong Pengetua.

Ketua Bidang (Headteacher) of an academic field in secondary school. It can be referred sometimes as Ketua Jabatan (Head of Department).

Ketua Panitia (Course Leader) in primary and secondary schools.

Penyelaras (Coordinator), a teacher who performs an administrative duty.

Warden (Warden) is an inspector of a school dormitory. His leader is Ketua Warden (Chief Warden).