Other Academic Ranks in Malaysia

Nazir (Inspector) is an academician who inspect educational institutions and implementation of educational system in schools. Reporting to the Minister, an Inspector also provides guidance and advice to all key stakeholders on improvisation of education.

SIPartner+ stands for School Improvement Partner, a headteacher assigned to coach other headteachers.

A SIPartner+ plays vital roles in:

Building relationship and guiding school leaders;
Providing important trainings for school leaders, in collaboration with the Ministry and the District Education Office; and
Designing and managing special interventions to upgrade instructional quality in schools.

A SIPartner+ is appointed based on these terms:
A teacher shall be in Grade DG48;
A teacher shall own outstanding record in school management;
A teacher shall have wide experience in managerial duties; and
A teacher shall possess a National Professional Qualification for Education Leaders.

SISC+ stands for School Improvement Specialist Coach, a teacher assigned to mentor core subject teachers in schools.

A SISC+ is responsible to:

Build relationship and guide core subject teachers;
Provide important trainings for core subject teachers, in collaboration with the Ministry and District Education Office; and
Design and manage special intervention to upgrade teaching quality in schools.

A SISC+ is appointed based on these terms:
A teacher shall possess a bachelor's degree in Education, or a bachelor's degree in any field with a Diploma of Education;
A teacher shall possess at least 5 years of teaching experience in schools;
A teacher shall be knowledgeable in teaching the subject of choice;
A teacher shall exhibit an excellent instructional skill; and
A teacher shall be ready to learn and try new and innovative teaching and learning methods and approaches.

Pegawai Cemerlang
Pegawai Cemerlang (Excellent Officer) is a teacher who perform administrative duties outside schools outstandingly. However, this is only applicable to those with a bachelor's degree in Education. Those with only a Diploma of Education working administratively outside schools outstandingly is called Pengelola Cemerlang (Excellent Executive Officer) or Penyelia Cemerlang (Excellent Supervisor).

This is equivalent with Pengetua Cemerlang (Excellent Principal) in secondary schools, and Guru Besar Cemerlang (Excellent Headmaster/Headmistress) in primary schools.