Higher Education in Cameroon

Although Cameroon boasts a sprawling cache of junior academic institutions of excellence, higher institutions are rather insufficient. There are eight state-run universities in Buea, Bamenda, Douala, Dschang, Maroua and Ngaoundere and Yaounde I & II. There is a handful of thriving private universities such as the Bamenda University of Science and Technology (BUST), International University Bamenda, Higher Institute For Professional Development And Training (HIPDET)Bamenda and the Fotso Victor University in the west province.

The University of Buea is the only Anglo-Saxon style university,the University of Bamenda which went operational in 2011 is bilingual, Cameroon has one English University. The rest of Cameroon's six state-managed universities are run on the francophonie model, although in principle, they are considered to be bilingual institutions. Cameroon's universities are strictly managed by the central government, with the pro-chancellors and rectors appointed by presidential decree. The minister of higher education is the chancellor of all Cameroon's state universities.

Compared with neighbouring countries, Cameroon generally enjoys stable academic calendars. In all, Cameroon's higher education has been a success since independence, with thousands of its graduates mostly consumed by the national public service. Since the 1990s, with economic crises, a new trend has been for hundreds of university graduates leaving the country for greener pastures in Western countries.Since this graduates are going out looking for greener pastures or for studies, universities should implement some of those courses learned out there such as digital marketing so as to develop our country even before 2035 that has been spoken of. These students go out and apply their skills in countries that have been developed already, instead of staying home and making things better. The government is doing little or nothing to curb this brain drain.

Nonetheless, an emerging number of private higher technical institutions of learning like the American Institute of Cameroon AIC, Nacho University, Maaron Business School, Fonab Polytechnic, and many others are beginning to reshape the predominantly general style of education that for over three decades has been the turf of most anglophone students in Cameroon.

Eight Public Universities in Cameroon include:
University of Bamenda
University of Buea
University of Douala
University of Dschang
University of Maroua
University of Ngaoundere
University of Yaounde I
University of Yaounde II

Other Universities in Cameroon include:
St. Thomas Aquinas Regional Major Seminary (Bambui)
The Information and Communication Technology University University (The ICT University) (Yaounde, Cameroon)
Bamenda University of Science & Technology (Bambui)
Catholic University of Cameroon, Bamenda (Bambui)
Fomic Polytechnic, Buea (Buea, www.fomicgroup.cm)
International University, Bamenda: website, facebook
University Institute of the Diocese of Buea (two campuses)
University of Maroua
ST Monica The American University, Cameroon, Buea (Bulu Buea) smuedu.org
American Institute of Cameroon, Ndop
Catholic University of Central Africa (Yaounde)
International Relations Institute of Cameroon
Siantou and Ndi Samba Schools of Higher Learning (Yaounde)
St Louis University Institute of Medical and Biomedical Sciences in Bamenda
National Polytechnic Bambui
St Jerome University Douala
Institute Université de l'coté Douala
Higher Institute For Professional Development And Training (HIPDET)