Preparation for GED Testing

In response to the low pass rate (30%) for most people taking the test for the first time, local adult education boards have begun to offer intensive tutoring for GED seekers, often financed by state boards of education and frequently free of charge to students.

During these classes, usually held at least once a week, students review the high school material that they learned in a traditional school setting, and they are also taught about subjects they did not receive formal instruction in. Textbooks are used for these classes, and homework is often assigned to students. Individual tutoring is also offered in some districts.

Due to the diverse subject areas covered by the GED test, many different topics are covered in preparatory classes and textbooks. Students will typically cover many topics in these classes that will not come up on the GED test itself. For example, a student may spend several months learning about medieval history, only to find that questions about the time period do not appear on their final test. This is done to ensure that the student truly does have a broad understanding of each of the topic areas, and has not simply "crammed" for the test prior to taking it.

In addition to formal test preparation, students are also able and encouraged to prepare on their own in private. As with similar tests, many test preparation books are offered for the GED. These books offer practice tests, tips for passing the GED test, and guidelines to help students determine areas in which they need improvement. Many books also offer extensive information on the various subject areas covered by the test, similar to textbooks students use in traditional high school settings. Students can read books that cover all academic areas of the test, or just the area(s) in which they need more assistance. Some commercial tutoring centers also offer preparation specifically for the GED test.