Registration for GED Testing

In order to register to take the GED testing battery, most students must show their level of competency by taking pretests. In most districts, students are required to take a mathematics pretest, followed by one additional test in a subject area of their choosing. (Students cannot take the essay portion, as they cannot be graded by anyone other than test administrators.) Each of these tests contain 25 questions which are representative of what will be asked on the actual GED test; no time limit is given.

In most districts, students must answer approximately 15-20 questions accurately in order to register to take the GED test. Proof of identity and residency are required in order to register; accepted forms of identification include driver's licenses, birth certificates, and passports. Students must then fill out forms that are submitted to their individual state and local school or adult education district(s) for review in order to ensure the student has officially withdrawn from the school system. Depending on the district, a student will have to wait anywhere from one week to three months to take the actual GED test.

If a student does not receive a desirable score on the pretests, they will most likely not be allowed to register for the GED test. In this case, they will be encouraged to privately study until they are ready to take the pretests again, or they will be enrolled in an adult education program in order to prepare for the GED test.