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Inclusion Lessons Learned: A Parents Perspective (Part II)

Lesson 8: As parents, get to know the other children in class and don’t be alarmed if they seem “curious or paranoid” to be near your child. Like anything new, they just need more time, more exposure and more education (even if your child reads, writes, and doesn’t bring undue attention, other children will know there is a difference).

Inclusion Lessons Learned: A Parents Perspective (Part I)

My son is firmly entrenched into the routine of 3rd grade. He has assimilated with little difficulty into the world of inclusion. His work, though not the volume of his peers, is nevertheless done well and correct. His interaction with classmates, aides, and his teacher is good. For the most part he looks forward to going to school each and every day, pushing his limits in the process.

Does Spirituality and Good Behavior Coexist?

Have you ever come across a student who is pleasantly charming and full of spirit? The kind of student who can make a room glow with their mannerisms and big heart. Some students just have a way of making you feel at ease by their optimistic view of life. To be so young and display such characteristics must mean that they rely upon family or spiritual beliefs. Either of those isn't bad when the results are so positive. But the issue is whether or not good behavior is mistaken for ones spirituality and if so, how does a teacher separate the two?

There Is No Substitute For a Good Substitute

How many times have you reported to a teacher that their students or substitute was absolutely horrible during their absence? Have you thought about avoiding the negative report by replacing it with a positive one? Well it is in your best interest to begin. If you are in the habit of doing so, then you have the opportunity to teach others to do the same. For those of you wondering how, here is a tip.

Religion in Public Schools

High school coaches play a huge and significant role in the lives of our students. We trust them and for very good reasons. Most dedicate their lives to improving the skills and character of the youth. Others are family members who wish to give back to the youth in hopes to maintain a civil future.

Socializing with Faculty

Does the lunch table make a social life? I have been watching the faculty lunch table for the past few months and I realize that in many respects, we aren't terribly different from the students just in the other room. However, there is one major difference that tends to stand out; where students continue to socialize with peers outside of lunch, teachers tend to enter that autonomous world of the classroom.

Secularism in Schools

In addition to writing for K12Academics, I'm also a subscriber to the list in order to see the ideas that others have about education. Recently, there has been an extended debate about Intelligent Design taking place, and since there were such widely varying opinions out there, I thought it might make a good topic for this month's article. Why has a tradition of secularism been established in the public school system and why is that tradition being challenged so adamantly as of late?

Substitute Teaching: A Foot in the Door

For first time teachers, it can be exceptionally difficult to find that critical first job that gives experience and a steady paycheck to start paying down those loans acquired in college. While math and science positions usually have no problem finding a district in need of their employment, social studies degrees are a dime-a-dozen. I am one of those people.

Unfair Hiring Practices

I have been looking for work for the past six months since I have graduated from college, and I have found that there are three issues that consistently prove to be a hindrance to the process of trying to find a job.

State Certification: Necessity or Delusion?

This has been an idea that I have been kicking around for a while and I think that eventually it would be worthy of some master or doctoral degree research. I know at first it seems like a silly suggestion, but I ask that you hold your skepticism while I lay out this theory – ‘what is the value of testing teachers in content?’