Classroom Management Discipline

Creating a system of disciple in the classroom can help to create an organized, focused environment with positive results overriding negative consequences.


Classroom Rules
Work with students to come up with a list of rules for the classroom.


Color Cards
Create a chart with the students names on it. beside each name have a pocket where a color card would be displayed
- Red: In Trouble
- Yellow: Warning
- Green: Wonderful


Class Points
Create a tally system to be displayed on a bulletin or blackboard. Each time a student performs well give them a point. If and when the students reach a set number of points at the end of the week allow them to do a fun activity.


Marble Jar
When a student does something well add a marble to the marble jar. When the jar is filled, they get to do a fun activity. It can also be used as a math activity by counting all the marbles.


Popsicle Sticks
Write comments on popsicle sticks such as "great listener" or "superb effort", etc. When each student receives a set number of popsicle sticks they get a reward.


Behavior Chart
Come up with a list of good behaviors. At the end of each class day go through the list and see which were and were not used during the day. Reward and thank those students who displayed good behavior.