Other Methods of Classroom Management

Reward Ideas
Some ideas of how to reward good behavior in the classroom.
1) Phone parents and inform them of their child's great behavior
2) Be first in line
3) Choose any class job for week
4) Take care of class pet
5) Choose book for teacher to read to class
6) Move desk to their chosen location
7) Use couch, beanbag, special chair for day
8) Be leader of class game
9) Get first pick of recess equipment
10) Choose movie for class to watch


After-work Activities
For students who finish their work ahead of the class. Ideas of what they can do while waiting for the rest to finish
1) Check for errors
2) Read a book
3) Write in journal
4) Help someone else
5) Tidy up desk/table/locker
6) Tidy up classroom
7) Work on Computer
8) Take short nap
9) Have student help you complete a task
10) Work on homework due next day


Fundraising Ideas
Nothing creates excitement and student participation like Fundraiser's. Here are some ideas of fundraiser's. that work.
1) Bake Sale
2) Pizza Sale
3) Candy Sale
4) Penny Drive
5) Bottle Drive
6) Greeting Cards
7) Walk-A-Thon
8) Dance-A-Thon
9) Read-A-Thon
10) Make Item (i.e. gingerbread house, quilt, t-shirts) and auction them


Fundraising Rewards
Fundraising Rewards: Be sure to inform your students why it is important that they are participating in this event, and be sure to include an end reward to their hard work.
1) School Fair: Fair can be used to raise money or reward students for their participation.
2) Free day: Create day filled with movies, games, treats, etc.
3) Class Trip: Take a class field trip to an event that is both educational and fun-filled Examples: National Monuments, Aquarium, Zoo