Classroom Management Monitoring

Good monitoring of the classroom is essential as many students find 'acting out' more interesting than a boring lesson plan. They also tend to misbehave when not involved in the activity, don't understand the task, or cannot get help when needed. These techniques help


- Scan the class frequently to notice & respond to any problems

- When dealing with a problem react in a clam manner in hopes of creating a positive ripple effect

- Make positive contact and praise students who display positive behavior that competes with the negative.

- Remind students of the rules of the classroom if they aren't demonstrating them

- Clearly state the rules and procedures and the consequences for violating them.

- Be clear that continued bad behavior will evoke these consequences.

- Inform students they are choosing the consequence of their behavior

- Use consequences that are educational in nature

- When one or a few students are misbehaving, focus the rest of the class on their task and find time to talk to the disruptive students quietly and away from the students focused on their task