An Arithmetic lesson that uses decks of cards

Author: Sarah Blumenthal
Lesson Plan:

Name of Activity: Salute

- a deck of cards per three students


1. Place students into groups of three students per group.

2. Have two students sit facing each other, while the third student sits so they can see the other two students (like in a triangle shape).

3. The two students who are facing each other are the guessers They both choose one card from the deck (excluding the face cards) without looking at the card.

4. Then the third student says "SALUTE" and the two guessers then put their card up to their ear/head so that their opponent can see. Making sure that they cannot.

5. Now the two guessers can see each others' cards and the third student looks at both of the cards as well The third student tells the two guessers what the sum of the two cards is.

6. Since the players can see the other person's card but not their own, by knowing the sum - - they can figure out what the other card is by using subtraction.