Capture the Flag

Author: Joe Macchi
Lesson Plan:

For this lesson, I have decided to incorporate technology into an already fun and exciting game. Students have been playing capture the flag for years, and there are many different versions of this game. Teachers can add countless variations that make the game more or less challenging, depending on the grade level. One of the overall themes of this activity is collaboration and strategy. Students need to work together in order to devise a common plan that will allow them to be successful. Usually when students work as individuals in this game, they end up on the losing side. The team that comes together to create an effective strategy usually is the most successful. I have decided to add technology to this game by giving each team an ipad. The team will use an app called "skrbl", which is a program designed to emulate an interactive white board. At the start of each game I will assign one person on each team to be the scribe and they will be in charge of drawing up an invasion strategy for all their teammates to see and implement. This will allow the team to assigne specific jobs for each person, and for those people to visually see what the plan is on the white board. You can take turns on who gets to be the scribe and use the ipad.