Chemistry – Real World Applications

Author: Jaime Zung
Lesson Plan:

Chemistry - Real World Applications

Chemistry is the study of matter and matter is everything around us that has mass and takes up space. (That's everything except energy.)
Your task is to access each of the following three websites. At each site I would like you to read or listen to one of the bullets that I've listed below each link. In addition, I would like you to read or listen to one additional article, video, or audio clip of your interest at each site. That's a total of six. For each, I would like you to assume the role of a news reporter and create a digital recording of a news report summarizing the main ideas of each link. In each report you should focus on the chemistry and how it relates to our daily lives. Each report should be no longer than two or three minutes. (science news from scientific journals and periodicals)

  1. Climate change means more rain, more nitrogen runoff, more problems (AAAS)
  2. Engineering on a blue streak (Polymer Chemistry)
  3. Seeing more with PET scans: New chemistry for medical imaging (Science)
  4. ALMA confirms complex chemistry in Titan's atmosphere (Science Advances)
  5. New imaging technique overturns longstanding textbook model of DNA folding (Science)
  6. Biochar could clear the air in more ways than one (Environmental Science and Technology) (science videos)

  1. New carbon capture
  2. Why lead went from household staple to dangerous toxin
  3. Colorado explores new, stinky source of alternative energy (audio clips)

  1. Mobile Plastic Fuel
  2. Revised Periodic Table
  3. Nitrogen Pollution
  4. Thinnest Material