Earth Day Poster

Author: Paula Hrbacek
Lesson Plan:

Objective: The students will use cognitive skills to create an advertisement for Earth Day, using large letters, few words, and artwork that communicates meaning.

Sunshine State Standards
A. media, techniques and processes
1.3 organization/principles of design
B non-verbal communication of meaning
E Contextual life skills



Time: 30 min.
Unit: Graphic Arts
Related Subjects: Earth Day, Careers in Art
Media: Paper
Skills: Lettering
(Specify skills/information that will be learned.)
Materials Needed
·         Paper
·         Rulers
·         Coloring medium
·         Examples of posters or billboards
(Introduction and engagement)
Graphic art is art that is used in business; advertising, packaging, letterheads, logos, etc. Marketing is a career that pays well, up to $100,000 a year, but to do the job, you need to know enough about art to be able to tell which ad is going to sell your product.
   Marketing Directors hire an advertising agency to come up with ads. They present several ideas, and the director chooses the best one.
   When designing a poster, sign or billboard, you have thirty seconds to get attention. That is the average time that a person spends looking at a sign. It must have large letters that can be read at a distance, and a few, well-chosen words that get the meaning across quickly. The artwork should grab attention, and help communicate the message too.
(Describe the independent activity to reinforce this lesson)
Design a poster for Earth Day. It can be any aspect of this cause; saving trees, protecting wildlife, recycling, etc. Think of a short saying that will tell the public what you want to say in as few words as possible; not more than five or six.
 To make large letters in a block style, draw parallel lines using a ruler and pencil. Make the lines light so that they can be erased. Use a ruler to make vertical lines for each letter. Lay out the whole poster in pencil, and then color it in. When finished, erase the layout lines.
The student used large letters.
The student used few words.
The artwork supports and helps communicate meaning.
Reflection Notes

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