The effects of alcohol on the human body

Author: Dawn Cropsey
Lesson Plan:


This lesson addresses the following NYS Standards:
            Math, Science and Technology – Standard 4 – Science
            Math, Science and Technology – Standard 2 – Information systems
            English Language Arts – Standard 1 – Language for information and understanding
            English Language Arts – Standard 4 – Language for social interaction
Objectives: Students will identify the body systems affected by alcohol and describe the                  
                     impact of alcohol on those systems.
                     Students will analyze the impact of drinking on the human body, especially
                     pertaining to teenagers, and compose a pro/con list of drinking
                     Students will compose a Power Point presentation persuading students not            
                     to drink
 This lesson will be presented using the website
together as a class, using the Smart Board. Students will engage in discussion as we explore the site. Students will be expected to take notes of key points on a guided note-taking sheet which will be provided by the teacher.
Anticipatory set:
Students will be asked if they think alcohol is harmful. They will be asked if they perceive drinking as something that is harmless and something fun to do. They will be asked if they think it is possible to die from drinking. After these questions have been asked, they will be told that alcohol is actually a poison, and the lesson will begin.
Teaching: Input
Students will view the above-mentioned website using the Smart Board, taking notes
Teaching: Modeling
We will start the Pro/Con list together as a group. Students will probably offer things such as “Makes me feel good” or “Makes me popular” as pros, and will list things such as “Makes me throw up” or “Makes me act stupid” as cons. Once we have done a few together, everyone individually will complete the list.
Teaching: Checking for understanding
Students will be presented with a series of True/False questions based on the facts learned in the website regarding the effects of alcohol on the human body. (i.e. Alcohol has no effect on the heart. Alcohol does not affect sports performance in boys, etc.)   Then students will be asked to evaluate the implications of these harmful effects of alcohol on their lives. What are all the possible negative outcomes of drinking?
Guided practice
Now that students understand the harmful effects of drinking, they will prepare a Power Point directed toward their peers of why drinking is for losers. They will use their notes and their Pro/Con list to help them with the Power Point. In addition, they will be asked to substitute ways to achieve the Pros on the list with non-drinking methods. For example, instead of drinking to feel good, explaining how exercising can make you feel good also. Students will be encouraged to be as persuasive as possible.
Students will present their Power Points. Then each of the body system will be presented on the Smart Board, and without using their notes, each student will have to come to the board and list one effect alcohol has on a system. We will keep going around the room until a comprehensive list is formed.
Independent Practice
Students will be given a homework assignment in which they will answer several multiple choice and true/false questions related to the lesson. In addition, they will be asked to come up with three questions of their own in any format they wish, which will used on a quiz given later by the teacher.
Smart Board
Desk tops for Power Point presentations
Guided notes for note-taking