Ethics: Academic Cheating

Author: Janice Reichert
Lesson Plan:

The following items should be incorporated in the teacher’s daily lesson plans:


SED Standards: 

1, 2, 3, and 4

Student’s Learning Objectives:

TLW define vocabulary highlighted in article by using context clues, prior knowledge, and structural analysis (breaking down word).

TLW verbally respond to the phrase “Pressure to Succeed.”

TLW complete Problem and Solution graphic organizer with details from the NY Times article.

TLW compose a brief response using examples from the NY Times article and persuasive language.

TLW create a cheating survey to be given out to 8th grade students.

TLW tally scores to find out if the cheating epidemic is plaguing LCBMS.

Lesson Development Activities:

Do Now:  Using your graphic organizer, respond to the following situation in writing.  Administrators and teachers are struggling with getting students to class on time.  The tardy bell seems to have no effect on some 8th graders.  What do you think is causing this problem?  How is this affecting those involved?  What should be done?

TLW work independently and then cooperatively with their group.  TTW walk around to make sure students understand the graphic organizer.

TTW ask students to share responses with class as she posts answers on overhead.

TLW be given the NY Times article, Exposing the Cheat Sheet, With the Students’ Aide.  Based on the key words found within the title, TLW predict what this article is going to be about.

TTW ask the learner why they believe students cheat.

TLW be given the Exposing the Cheat Sheet vocabulary handout and asked to define underlined words found within the article without using a dictionary.  TLW use skills learned in class (prior knowledge, context clues, root-suffix-prefix) to aide them.

TLW be given Exposing the Cheat Sheet problem and solution graphic organizer and asked to input examples from article into chart. 

TLW revisit the statement, “Pressure to Succeed.”  TLW strengthen their verbal response by using examples from article.

TLW write a persuasive brief response answering the following question: Who’s to blame for the cheating epidemic plaguing our schools?

TLW review questions created for the Cheating Survey.  TTW discuss the role of the students in administering and tallying scores of their fellow 8th graders.


Resources/Materials (including technology): 

Articles, whiteboard, media screen, notebook, survey, editorial


Methods of Determining Student’s Understanding:

Problem and Solution graphic organizer, vocabulary handout, survey, predictions, verbal discussions



What does the statement “Pressure to Succeed” mean to you?