Great Barrier Reef-Guarding Nemo

Author: Scott Jamison
Lesson Plan:



  • gather information on the Great Barrier Reef, and understand the environmental importance of coral reefs and the threats to reefs' conservation
  • learn about the concept of ecotourism


R: role; A: audience; F: format; T: topic

You are a marine biologist with the Australian Conservation Agency. Due to tourism, farming, mining and overfishing, the Coral Reefs in Australia are being eroded and marine life is being threatened. You have been asked to prepare a report for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry assessing the dangers to this fragile environment and suggest ways of preventing further damage in the future. In addition, you have been asked by the Director to present your work to the full Legislative Assembly, assisted by the use of one of the following:

  • Power point Presentation
  • Smart Board
  • Poster

Information to be included in your presentation:

  • What is a coral reef? (brief description)
  • Basic facts about the Great Barrier Reef: age, location, size, wildlife, etc.
  • Why is the coral of the Great Barrier Reef important?
  • What are some of the threats to the health of the reef?
    • Natural and human-induced
  • What are people doing now to preserve the Reef?
  • Conclude your presentation with suggestions of ways that future damage may be prevented or curtailed. (ecotourism: definition & application)
  • Vocabulary: use these terms in your presentation

·        preservation, conservation, restoration and ecotourism


Research Requirements:

MLA citation format will be utilized to cite sources