The Memory Box

Author: Dr. Kathleen wild
Lesson Plan:

Materials Needed:

1. 30 to 31 Index cards small ones.

2. Pen or pencil.

3. a box big enough to hold the cards

4. ribbon 15 inches.

5. Construction paper one piece for each student.

6. Crayons or Magic markers.

Directions; 1. Make enough good memories one memory per card for each day of the month that you choose. the first card and have the student write about a good memory either from their Mom or their Dad or a Grandparent . place #1 on first card and 2,3,4 on each card until you get to 30 or 31 cards for the month.


2. Place the card into the box. Continue having the student write about good memories about who ever they will be giving the box of cards to. Example would be: I am making a box of memories for my Mom. Write memories about your Mother.

3. Continue this until all 30 or 31 cards are filled up. This will take 2 weeks to a month. Take advantage of writting and having the student read out loud to other students or to the Teacher.

4. When all of the cards are complete, check for spelling and punctuation.

5. Place all of the cards into a box.

6. Now using the Construction paper have the student make a card to go with the Memory Box.

7. Tie the ribbon around the box and place the card on the top.

8. Now the student can take home the box and give it to that special person.

Suggestions:1. Have two students work on a team together and write together and check each others punctuation and spelling.2. Have the students read out loud to the class. 3. If the student would like to go further with this project they could draw a picture for each card or memory.  In that case you would need to make half sheets of white paper available because then they could be folded behind the card.