Michelangelo Art

Author: Audrey
Lesson Plan:

Students will learn about the artist Michelangelo and what it was like to paint the Sistine Chapel.

Time Frame:
Depending on how deep you go into learning about Michelangelo and art itself. It could be a short 45-minute lesson or it could stretch out over several weeks. The actual art part of it should take at least 30 minutes, but again could take longer depending on your type of media.

Information on Michelangelo. I just did a search for him on the Internet and printed out pictures of the Sistine Chapel and some of his other artwork.

Art supplies: Depending on the class and how into it you want to get.

Paper, Tape, Crayons, Markers, Paint, Brushes, desks, colored pencils etc.

Do research on Michelangelo and his works. Gather supplies. Tape paper to underside of desk. Distribute supplies to students.


Talk to the students about who Michelangelo was and how he painted the Sistine Chapel. IE: Laying on his back for 4 years.

Get into a discussion of how that would have been laying on your back for years and years. With your arms stretched out above your head.

Explain to students that they are going to pretend to be Michelangelos and create a piece of art on the paper under their desk. Give them art supplies to draw, color or paint with.

Suggestion: Use thicker paint so it doesn't drip!

After everyone is finished. Talk about what it was like to lay there for however long and have their arms above their heads. Great discussion about art appreciation!!


Display the art on the ceiling in the classroom or hallway with a caption about what they did and how they created their art!