The Nature Book

Author: Mrs. Kathleen Wild
Lesson Plan:

The Nature Book
By Dr. Kathleen Wild
Materials Needed:
1. One marble note book
2. Elmers glue
3. one pencil
4. leafs
5. other items that are flat collected on a Nature Walk
6. Two Zip Lock bags large per child
7.A few blankets to sit on.
8.Small index cards for labeling.

1. Take the children on a Nature walk to a park
2. As the children go for the nature walk. Have them collect leafs as well as other items which may include green moss, acorns, fern, and other items.
3. Place the items in the zip lock bags .
4. After the walk is complete, Have the children sit on blankets in the park. In a circle, go around and ask each child to share one thing they have collected on the walk.
5. See if the children can name what they have discovered on their walk. If not, when you have your Library Day , the child can research what they have found and then they will have the correct name.
6. When you get back to the class room either the same day or the next day. Be sure that if moss is collected that it should be placed in a small dish and sprinkled with water.
7. Have the children place the objects that they have collected on their desk.
8. Using the index cards, help the children to label each object. If they are not sure of an object then a library book can be used or
internet to look it up. Label each item and past leafs into book and flat objects. Leaving other objects in bag or dish.