Author: Leroy Deshotel
Lesson Plan:

Equipment: 3 bases, home plate and a dodge ball

Setting up:

    Divide students into two teams. Rules are similar to Kickball. Catching a fly ball is out. (No bunt, no foul and no homerun rules apply in the gym.)

Playing the game:

    A pitcher rolls a dodge ball toward the kicker. The person at home plate kicks the ball. The kicker runs past all bases without stopping toward the home plate. All players on outfield must have contact with the ball by passing without dropping it to the ground. The last person with the ball may throw it at the running kicker below the shoulder. If a person drops the ball before hitting the kicker, passing the ball will start all over by having all players on outfield pass it again. Example: 15 players on outfield. The ball must be caught by 15 different players without touching the ground.

    The running kicker cannot zigzag or go back. The kicker touches the home plate without being tagged by the ball scores one run.

    The game may be played in the gym.