Peace One Day Education

Author: Emily Dew
Lesson Plan:


Using Peace Day 21 as a focus, there are 21 lesson-plans covering topics such as:

Ending-bullying, Respect, Conflict Resolution, Intercultural Cooperation, the United Nations as well as the link between sustainability and peace.

Designed in line with National Standards, this free teaching Resource is accompanied by the award-winning DVD documentary The Day After Peace, charting our founder, Jeremy Gilley's journey to getting a UN Resolution passed to recognize 21 September global day of peace and ceasefire.

Using Peace Day, 21 September as a focus, the Resource offers teachers practical ways in which to bring key 21st century issues and skills to the next generation. Personal responsibility and positive participation are key components.

Through student-centered and engaging activities we hope young people will develop the necessary internal resources and external capabilities to lead meaningful and constructive lives within their schools and communities.

The feedback from teachers has been overwhelming. Register and find free material to help inspire your students and help them to become responsible citizens of the world.

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