Peter and the Wolf

Lesson Plan:


Class: First Grade Music
Unit: Peter and the Wolf: Integrating Fairy Tales into Music
Objectives:      Students will identify the following musical instruments by sight and sound: oboe, clarinet, bassoon, timpani, flute, string family (violin, viola, cello and double bass).
Standards:       Standard 6- listening to, analyzing and describing music
Standard 8- understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts
Anticipatory Set: Students will view and listen to the musical fairy tale, Peter and the Wolf. The story is narrated with the orchestral score. This will be viewed on the SmartBoard.
Teaching-Input: I will explain that Peter and the Wolf is a musical fairy tale, and that each character in the story has a corresponding instrument to represent it in the music. Using the SmartBoard’s “video grabber” tool, I embedded video in a Notebook file. There is a video example of each musical instrument playing their character’s theme from Peter and the Wolf. I show each video and have the class tell me who it is from the story.
Teaching- Modeling: I will display a specially made Peter and the Wolf bingo board on the elmo. I will explain that as a musical instrument is playing on the SmartBoard, they are checking their bingo boards for the character that goes with that instrument/musical passage. For example, if the SmartBoard shows a flute playing, they will check their bingo boards for the bird because the bird is represented by the flute in the story. If they have it, they can cover it with a chip, just like regular bingo. Each instrument and character is announced to help students form the associations. When a student gets “bingo” they call it out and get a prize.
Teaching-        Check for Understanding: Students will answer question about the bingo activity. For example, “How do you know what character to cover on your bingo board?”, “What should you do if you get bingo?”
Guided Practice: Each student will get their own Peter and the Wolf bingo board and we will play bingo. I will circulate among the students to see their work. I can assess their understanding by seeing if they cover the board appropriately.
Closure:           Students will answer the question, “What did we learn today?” Several students will have an opportunity to share.
Independence Practice: During a subsequent lesson, there will be a follow-up activity in which I show the short video clips they used in bingo, but I don’t tell them the corresponding character. I will ask students to remember which character went with which sound.
Materials: SmartBoard, Elmo, Peter and the Wolf bingo boards, chips
Duration: 2 lessons