A Special Present

Author: Dr. Kathleen Wild
Lesson Plan:

A Special Present

Materials Needed: 1. One Large box of Epsom Salts. 2.One 1 oz bottle of your favorite Essential oil. 3. One box of Food Coloring, 4. A baby food jar with a lid for each student. 5. One  to three freezer zip lock bags.  6.. A measuring cup which is equal to a one cup measure. 8. Silver or gold spray paint. 9. One piece of fine Sand paper. 10 Two sheets of news paper. 11. 8 medium size rocks. 12. 4 paper towels. 13. one dropper usually included with essential oils.

Directions:1.  Set up the table so that the students can form around the table or tables in a circle. 2. Hand each of the students a baby food jar with a lid. 3. Go out side and lay down the two sheets of news paper, you may need to place a rock on each corner of the paper to keep it from blowing away. 4. Cut the sand paper sheet into about 6 pieces of small paper. 5. Let the first 6 students gently sand the metal lid of the baby food jar. 6. after the lid is sanded, allow the student to gently wipe the lid off with a paper towel and place the lid on the news paper. 7. When all of the students have completed sanding the lids, The Teacher will then spray paint the lids silver. 8. Return to the class room and let the lids dry. Now have each student measure a cup of the Epsom Salts and dump them into the freezer bag one at a time. If the bag starts to get too full,start another bag. Or half of the students use one bag and the other half of the students use the other bag. 9. Now depending on how many cups of the Epsom Salt were added in the bags,it is time to add three drops of Essential oils per cup of Epsom Salt. 10. Now add enough drops of food coloring to the salt to make it look beautiful. Less for lighter salts and Moore for a deeper color you be the judge of that.10. Now it is time to zip lock the bags and have the students take turns shaking the bag and watch the color in the salts appear !. 11. Let the salts sit in the bag until the next day so the salts collect the aroma over night. Don't forget to bring in the lids now ,they should be dry. 12. The next day the students can work with the teacher and fill the jars. Then take them home to their Mother or Grandmother or even a Special Friend.

Suggestions:  If you would like to incorporate Writing skills with this plan the Students can also make a nice card to go with the salts.

They may also choose to glue a small pine cone on the lid or even a flower or even confetti to make the gift fancier.Have fun and remember it is always nice for children to learn how to make special things and give to others.