Understanding Story Elements

Lesson Plan:

Objective/Purpose:            SWBAT create a plot mountain for their independent novel

                                    SWBAT breakdown the novel into the component parts

                                    SWBAT understand the organizational structure of a novel

                                    SWBAT apply previously learned knowledge


Standards:                 NYS ELA Standard 1

                                    NYS ELA Standard 2

                                    NYS ELA Standard 3

                                    NYS ELA Standard 4

                                    NYS Technology Standard 2

                                    NYS Technology Standard 5


Anticipatory Set:            Students will watch a humorous power point presentation on plot diagram.  “Today we are going to complete the Plot Diagram for our independent reading books. We have already created the class novel plot diagram together now you will each do one on your own.”


Input:                           1. Students will be instructed to create a rough draft of the summary of each part of the plot in their book.

                                    2. Once students have completed their rough drafts, they move to the lap top to create a presentation of their plot diagram using the website below, or one of their own.

                                    3. Students will work with their partners to edit and critique each other’s work.

                                    4. Students will revise all work and create a final presentation that will be shared with the class the following day.


Model:                        Students have learned the parts of a plot previously. Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution. The students have created a plot mountain together for the class novel. Now students will create an independent plot diagram. Students will be shown the class plot diagram, which will be displayed in the room so that students may refer to it if needed.




Check for Understanding:           

Informal:            Teacher will quickly question students on the parts of a plot in order to determine understanding from previous lesson about the components of a plot diagram.


Formal:            Students will present and/or hand in their completed plot diagram for the final assessment.


Guided Practice:            Teacher will facilitate the room as students work on their independent plot diagrams. Students will work at their own pace. Teacher will remediate when needed.


Closure:                      Class discussion and review. (5minutes)


Independent Practice:             Students will complete the diagram on their own and present to the class.




file:///C:/Temp/Content.IE5/B10NC47D/Elements%2520of%2520a%2520Plot%2520Diagram%255D%5B1%5D.ppt#256,1,Identifying the Elements of A Plot Diagram