Using Rhythm Instruments to tell a story.

Author: Randy Sauer
Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan Title: What Would I do?

Concept / Topic To Teach: Using rhythm instruments with songs to represent actions in a story.

Standards Addressed: Playing instruments with group, composition.

General Goal(s): Students learn to be creative in instrument selection and rhythms to use with the music.

Specific Objectives: Keeping a beat with the music and improvisation of rhythms.

Required Materials:  Variety of rhythm instruments suck as shakers, maracas, rain stick, wood block, finger cymbals, just about anything that they can use to make sounds. “What Would I Do” song available for free at:

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In):  I had the students watch “Peter and the Wolf” and talked about how each character was represented by a certain instrument.  I told them now we will do a song where you select an instrument that will represent an action that happens in the story.

Step-By-Step Procedures: Play the song “What Would I Do?” for the students so they can hear where the actions that happen in the song.

Select 6 students at a time:  each student selects an instrument to represent their sound in the song/story.

1st Student-Rain,  2nd-Jump in Puddle, 3rd-Walk in Mud, 4th-Hop in Grass, 5th-Skip in the Driveway, 6th-Run in Backyard.

The last part of the song I have all the students play the instruments and rhythms together.

If you want you can have the remaining students in the class do the actions of Jumping, Walking, Hopping, Skipping, and Running in place to go along with the students playing instruments.

Plan For Independent Practice:

Assessment Based On Objectives: I encourage the students to be creative in coming up with their instruments and rhythms but I also ask them why they picked the instruments they did and if they fit the actions very good.

- Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities):Many instruments are available for students with disabilities to play.