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Basic Information

Address: 14 Greenwood Lane, Putney, VT 05346
Phone Number: (802) 387-4545
Fax Number: (802) 387-5396

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The Greenwood School
The Greenwood School
The Greenwood School

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Additional Information

President: Stewart Miller
School Type: Junior Boarding / Day for Boys
Founded: 1978
Ages/Grades: 9-17 at time of admission/6th-12th grades
School Setting:

100-acre, forested Vermont hillside School

School Size: 55
Classroom Size: 4
Student/Teacher Ratio: 2/1

In order to maximize every boy's potential, all students receive a language tutorial that is specific to his unique learning style and needs, all teachers are remedial language specialists, and all classes are integrated so that students learn and apply literacy and organizational skills across the academic program.

In addition, Greenwood boys develop strengths and awaken hidden talents in well-developed art, drama, music, woodworking and athletics programs.

Diagnostic-prescriptive teaching that is multisensory, structured, and sequential ensures effective, individualized programs for all students.

Support Services:

Social Pragmatics, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy

Camp Programs: No
Summer School: No
After School Programs: No
Computer Capabilities:

All students receive laptops with assistive technology programs installed

School Clubs:

Interscholastic sports: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, and Wrestling.
Clubs and Extracurricular: Archery, Canoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Fencing, Inline Skating, Model Building, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Skateboarding Snowboarding, and Woodworking

Admissions Requirements:

The Greenwood applicant should be a boy between 9 and 14 years of age at time of admission who faces language-based learning challenges. The Greenwood applicant should possess "average" to "above average" cognitive skills as measured on the WISC IV. When looking at borderline test scores it is encouraging to see variability in subtest scores that suggest areas of strength. Some Greenwood applicants may exhibit avoidance behaviors due to frustration and low self esteem resulting from their learning challenges. Once in Greenwood's safe and supportive community, however, our students feel they are finally understood, and they experience the academic success they deserve for their efforts. Greenwood does not accept students with primary social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties.

Mission Statement:

The Greenwood School offers a comprehensive, individualized remedial program balanced with an emphasis on enrichment programs designed to awaken students' hidden talents. The result is a school that transforms lives by providing the best environment possible for students with specific learning challenges to realize their academic, social, and creative potentials.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The Greenwood School empowers bright and talented boys who face dyslexia and related language-based learning challenges, ADHD, and executive function deficits, with the skills necessary to bridge the gap between their outstanding promise and present abilities.

Notes/School Information:

The Greenwood School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and is approved by the state of Vermont and the New England Association of Independent Schools