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Basic Information

Address: 333 Ocean Road, Narragansett, RI 02882
Phone Number: 401-788-0800
Fax Number: 401-783-1266

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Middlebridge School
Middlebridge School
Middlebridge School
Middlebridge School

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Additional Information

President: John J. Kaufman
School Type: Boarding & Day High School
Founded: 2008
Ages/Grades: High School and Postgraduate
School Setting:

Middlebridge School is located in Narragansett, RI. Hazard Castle is a neo-gothic revival landmark built in the 1800s by Joseph Peace Hazard. In 2012, Middlebridge School opened its doors at its permanent home here. The Hazard Family was among the original settler families in Rhode Island. Joseph Peace Hazard, who is responsible for the design of Hazard Castle, was instrumental in the early development of Narragansett as a popular tourist destination. Hazard Castle sits directly across from the Atlantic Ocean.

School Size: 75 students
Classroom Size: Small class sizes, on average 1:5
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1:1
Financial Aid:

30% of students receive full academic funding through their local school district

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Support Services:

Daily 1:1 tutorial, Emotional Intelligence classes, small class sizes, and highly individualized programming.

After School Programs: Yes
School Championships:

2023 Coastal Prep Leauge Soccer Champions

School Clubs:

Private music and voice lessons, Archery, Biking, E-Sports, Fishing, Painting, Soccer, Strength Training, Yoga, Basketball, Dance, Fun Run, Mixed Media, Nature Appreciation, Video Production, Ceramics Club, D&D Club, Handcrafts Club, Murder Mystery Club, Student Council Club, Volleyball Club, Weight Training Club, Amnesty International, Anime Club, Band Club, Circuit Training Club, Men's Club, Rocketry Club, Trivia Club, Women's Club, Talent Show Club, Home Workouts, Minecraft, Simple Snacks, Karaoke/Lip Sync, Legendary Academy (Basketball), Coffee and Stories, Sports Talk, Short Films, Becoming Legendary (Workouts), Community Spirit, Creative Writing, Virtual Art Exploration, House Party (Board Games), Mens' Group, Makeup Tutorials, Stretching and Relaxation, and more...

Uniform Guidelines:


Admissions Requirements:

The first step in our admissions process is to submit an up-to-date (within two to three years of current date) educational, psychological, or neuropsychological evaluation. Concurrent with a conversation with the admissions team, submitting your child’s evaluation can help make the admissions process and decision timely.

Mission Statement:

he mission of Middlebridge School is to provide instruction, opportunities, and support for students with learning differences.

Our community is designed to develop students’ academic abilities, intellectual curiosity, and physical and social-emotional development.

We strive to create life-long learners with increased independence and maturity who thrive in the postgraduate setting of their choice.

School History:

Over the last fifteen years, we've grown into a 75-student strong 38-acre "mini-Hogwarts" castle located across the street from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Here at the castle, our students and staff bring vibrant life and energy to self-discovery, community-building, and keeping our curriculum fresh and current. With hearty doses of optimism, adventurous spirit, and the cultivation of leadership skills to develop our talents, we know from experience that we can achieve anything. After all, we named our school after the nearby Middle Bridge, one of three bridges that cross the Narrow River, an inlet where ships used to seek safe harbor and repair. Likewise, our students find a second home here. This sense of home might be because we specialize in customizing education to meet each student at their individual academic and emotional level. We thrive and grow as a community by listening and responding to student interest in our whole-child educational model. This is why Middlebridge School is widely considered to be one of the leading schools in the country for students with learning differences.

We value each of our students, knowing that every young person brings unique skills and talents to our community. Here, respect and trust must be mutual in an environment where self-learning and reliable guidance co-exist; where self-awareness is cultivated in tandem with wider notions of alliance, citizenship, and global community to lead our students towards their true calling. Here, academic curiosity drives the motivation necessary to thrive in our competitive, highly specialized world.

Complicated learners are exceptional students, both cognitively and creatively. Yet, for too long, many of them have been viewed through a limited diagnostic lens, having been told by teachers, peers, or evaluators what they're not good at or what they can't do.

Middlebridge is often the first place our students have ever felt a deep sense of belonging. Belonging and respect - and the honest communication that goes with it - extends to parents and families as well. When we welcome a student to Middlebridge, we embrace the entire family in working collaboration toward lifelong student success, confidence, and trust. Because we host these young people only momentarily, we know that our job is to provide a solid foundation. Our students and their families build upon that foundation well beyond their time with us, and extra joy comes through witnessing our recent alumni accomplishments; we highlight these success stories throughout this book.

Our passion is palpable, and I invite you to come experience our community for yourselves.


John J. Kaufman
Head of School

Notes/School Information:

The accreditation team from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) summed up our strengths well. In awarding Middlebridge School its initial institutional accreditation, the Commission on Independent Schools, "commends the entire school community for creating an academic program and a residential community that serves well its student population…and the outstanding qualifications of the administration, teachers, and staff, as well as their dedication, energy, level of respect and collegiality, and breadth of experience."