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Phone Number: +1(530) 925-6770
Address: 201 N Mt Shasta Blvd, Suite Mt Shasta, CA 96067

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University of Mount Shasta
University of Mount Shasta
University of Mount Shasta
University of Mount Shasta

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Additional Information

President: Joa Janakoayas
School Type: Two Year College
Public/Private: Private
Religious Affiliation: None
Gender Preference: Coed
Historical Black College/University: No
School Setting:

In-person and online

School Size: 1800 sqft
Classroom Size: Unlimited because in-person and online
Student/Teacher Ratio: One teacher to students (Two total teachers, and some guest teachers) Total of 5 teachers
Housing Availability:


Type of Housing: None
Diversity: All ages and races


Financial Aid:

Not at this time

Disability Services:

Not wheel accessible

Greek Life: No
Sports: None
School Championships:


Majors: Master's in Spiritual Psychology, Wholistic Health and Healing, Life Coaching, or Certificate of completion who do not have a Bachelor's Degree
Computer Capabilities:

Yes and high-speed internet connections for Zoom meetings.

Admission Requirements:

Admissions Criteria

The University of Mount Shasta uses the following criteria to evaluate each applicant’s completed application:

  1. Personal Honesty. Personal growth is not possible without transparency. 
  2. Commitment to growth and learning.
  3. Prior successful academic coursework.
  4. Ability to think clearly and write well in English.
  5. Emotional/psychological maturity, including interpersonal competencies, attributes, and skills necessary to be successful in an academic Graduate Program with experiential components
  6. Agreement to be drug and alcohol-free 12 hours before and during all classes. (Medical situations are considered)
  7. Submission of a completed UMS Application.
  8. $500 registration fee; which pays for your first Course.  
  9. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited, or acceptable foreign institution (U.S. Bachelor’s equivalent-send copy of diploma)
  10. If you are seeking Admission as a non-degree student, you will be required to pay the same fees and complete all the same assignments as graduate students to receive your CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION (COC). 

Tuition and Fees for 2020-2021


Application Steps

  1. Schedule a 40-minute Discovery Session,  to determine your goals, and if UMS and you are a good match  
  2. Pay the $500 registration fee below. After paying the registration fee, you have two weeks to complete the application below.  (If not accepted, the $500 registration fee is refunded in full.)
  3. You will receive an acceptance letter within 5 business days after receiving your application and letter of recommendation
  4. We recommend you attend our Quantum Healing Circle, Fridays at 10AM Pacific time. 
Application Deadline: August 25th 2021
Parking Space/Availability:


Summer Sessions:

Workshops and retreats:

International Students:

All welcomed

Study Abroad: None
Notes/School Info:


We educate the tools, skills and guidance for your life transformation, from feeling inhibited by conformity to confidently empowering people with your Soul’s unique genius.

The UMS Masters Program has 3 pillars:

  1. Holistic Health,
  2. Spiritual Psychology Counseling,
  3. Life Coaching.

Our Program includes 3 Certifications:

  1. Certified Conscious Breathing Coach – helping people  re-pattern their breathing from fear to empowerment and raise their vibration into 5D consciousness.
  2. Certified Quantum Healing Practitioner – includes the Freedom-Code and Integrative Quantum Medicine (IQM),
  3. Certified Happiness Recovery Coach – helping people get free of anxiety, addiction, and depression without drugs.

In one year, we do our best to educate you with everything you need to know to resolve your and others issues, raise and anchor your vibration in 5D consciousness, and launch your holistic practice successfully.

Who is the UMS Masters Program for?

We enjoy educating adults of all ages and backgrounds including all races, colors, nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations.

Our Accelerated Education is specifically designed for people who are having a spiritual awakening and are what we call Star-seed.

A sign you are having a spiritual awakening is you are drawn to naturally relax into yourself providing a sense of inner freedom you once sought in the external world.

You are thinking differently.  You can no longer limit yourself to conforming beliefs that feel entrapping.

You no longer find yourself belonging in the circle of people you used to hang out with before. Maybe they considered you too sensitive.

Instead of accepting beliefs handed to you by society, you are tuning into your own intuitive knowing and higher spiritual values.

We call those of you who know you have a higher purpose, Star-seed.

Your soul was called to Earth to help humanity shift into harmony in some unique way.

You are more sensitive and may have found it hard to even be here because you are acutely aware of humanity’s suffering.

You have a burning desire to make a difference, but may feel frustrated how to go about it.

Actually, your service already began when you took birth into a dysfunctional family of less aware souls who lacked understanding of you.

It is a spiritual truth, all souls are equal in value yet each person vibrates at a specific level of awareness.

Less aware souls have a tendency to project their suffering onto others because they do not know how to process their own pain.

Being the more compassionate one, at times you may had become the scapegoat of others unresolved material.  To transmute your family’s pain is a huge service.

Can you relate?

Here’s the good news.

Over the years we have discovered those who had the most to heal and worked their process with our guidance, often became the most successful holistic practitioners, because they had a deep compassionate desire to help those who are experiencing something like what they went through.

Some of you who are attracted to our program are young, and realize your values have outgrown conventional schooling,  and need to switch to an alternative form of education that prepares you for entrepreneurship as a holistic practitioner.

Some of you feel burned-out in your present career and perhaps stale in a relationship (or lack of relationships) and realize you must find your higher purpose that is less energetically taxing and more deeply fulfilling.

That was me, Maqua.   After living the corporate life in Germany for many years, my Soul had me quit my high paying job and leave a long term loving relationship to get out and travel the world. My family thought I made a crazy mistake, but I had to listen to my inner guidance, which eventually had me living 7 years on the  Hawaii Big Island, where I studied various healing arts.  I discovered I had so much to heal that was keeping me from being truly relaxed and authentically happy. My self healing led me to become sovereign in myself, and this allowed me to attract my soulmate, Joa, and live my dream life as a healer and spiritual teacher here in Mount Shasta.

I am so grateful I had the courage to follow my heart.

I’m curious, where is your heart calling you?

Some of you who are attracted to our program have been on the spiritual path for a while, but have NOT found much success in your career and/or relationships.

Remaining high on Spirit without doing the inner work of addressing and resolving our human issues is an ego trap called the Spiritual Bypass.

That was me, Joa.

Years ago, I was a spiritual know-it-all who avoided intimacy, my own feelings, and facing my human shadows.

I used my spirituality as an excuse to not work on myself.

As a result, my relationships were not lasting and I lacked real success in my career and finances.  This all changed when I did a life changing masters program in spiritual psychology.  This program had me working my process to heal my childhood memories and family relationships. It catalyzed a quantum jump in every area of my life, and inspired me to create THIS masters program.

How about you?  Have you been facing and overcoming your human challenges?

Are you holding long term loving relationships with family, friends, and a beloved soulmate?

Are you rising in your service to humanity and prosperity?

Or, do you have a compulsive way of soothing your feelings that keeps you semi checked out.

To begin healing your human issues now, you are welcome to receive a complimentary ticket to our online Quantum Healing Circle Fridays at 10am pacific.