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Basic Information

Address: Carrer de Sant Agustí 3, 08012 Barcelona Spain
Phone Number: + 34 657 128 649
Principal: Amanda Slefo

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Barcelona High School

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Additional Information

School Type: Private
Founded: 2020

Academics consist of accredited US curriculum courses taught in native English. AP courses are also available, if students want courses equivalent to International Baccalaureate (IB) or A levels, although AP courses are not mandatory.

Ages/Grades: 12 - 18
School Setting:





from 9500 to 11500 euros



Support Services:

University Admissions Guidance & Placement and Mental Health Therapist on duty.

Admissions Deadlines: Open Enrollment
Mission Statement:

BHS lives by the promise and mission to help teenagers excel academically, socially and psychologically.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

BHS is a welcoming, dynamic, new-age school for the post-Covid world.

Centrally located in Barcelona with perfect access to all modes of public transportation, BHS is the perfect international and American school in the heart of Barcelona city, instead of outside the city like the other international and American schools.

​While BHS uses the American school education system, it serves as the international school in Barcelona for the global community. Accordingly, BHS is the most international school in Barcelona, as no nationality is larger than 20% of the student body.

​BHS is a fun, engaging, caring and diverse environment (across multiple grade levels and nationalities) where students come together as one big family and learn through flexible, modern and innovative teaching methods.

Delivering on its promise and mission while maintaining a "10 out of 10 ONLY" teacher quality standard known as the "BHS Teacher spark", along with its innovative and flexible digital learning platform, are reasons Why BHS has grown so rapidly so fast.

School History:

Founded in 2020, Barcelona High School (BHS) is a non-traditional, dynamic and diverse international American school start-up, perfectly located in the center of Barcelona Spain, in the neighborhood of Gracia, easily accessible by all modes of transportation.

BHS is now ranked as the best international school in Spain.

​BHS started with only 5 students in its first year (2020-2021) and then grew to over 30 students by its 2nd year (2021-2022). BHS currently has an enrollment of over 75 students in this school year (2022-2023) as it continues to add the best teachers in Barcelona. In the next school year (2023-2024), BHS plans to have an enrollment of 150 students.

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Additional Information:

BHS has a small student-teacher ratio and students attend school as one big family across multiple nationalities, so students not only excel academically, but socially and emotionally as well.

Academic learning is supplemented with social and creative activities, international speakers, and career and life counseling so students increase their emotional intelligence while simultaneously expanding their opportunities and finding their passions in life.

​Students graduate when completing the 12th grade and receive an official American High School Diploma which allows them to attend international universities throughout the world.

​While some students apply to universities in USA, or Canada, most students apply to universities throughout Europe that have Bachelors degrees in English, including in Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, and the Nordic countries.