QSI Virtual School

Basic Information

Address: Ardent Business Center, 1st Floor Triq l-Oratorju, Naxxar NXR 2504 Malta
Phone Number: +356 2790 0681
President: Jerry Scott
Principal: Tim Macmillan

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QSI Virtual School
QSI Virtual School
QSI Virtual School
QSI Virtual School

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Additional Information

Organization: Quality Schools International
School Type: Online High School
Founded: 2012

QSI Virtual School offers a performance-based curriculum for students from Secondary I (Grade 9) through graduation. The school meets the needs of all its students through a mastery-based system of instruction. We believe that students can master essential skills and information if given sufficient time and support. A full secondary program is offered to students 14 years and older.

Our curriculum prepares students for colleges and universities in the United States and other countries. The rigorous academic program consists of Mathematics, Laboratory Science (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry), World Cultural Studies and History, World Literature, Writing, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Computer Literacy. Elective courses are available, and a wide range of Advanced Placement Courses are offered. Three Diplomas are offered: Academic with Honors, Academic, and General.

Our educational program includes:

- American Curriculum
- Three Diploma Options
- Over 50 Different Courses
- 22 Advanced Placement Courses
- AP Capstone Diploma

Ages/Grades: Grade 9 - Grade 12
School Setting:

Virtual School

School Schedule: Flexible schedule with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous lessons.
School Days in Calendar: 180

International School Community Representing Over 60 Different Nationalities

Faculty: 12
Enrollment: 300+

Full-Time Tuition: $10,000 USD per year Part-Time Tuition: $5,000 USD per year



Support Services:

QSI Virtual School believes in the importance in supporting the growth, development, and wellbeing of the whole child. To this end, we offer a range of support services to ensure our students' needs are met and that they are equipped with the skills, traits, and abilities to become successful adults.

We offer a range of support services to meet the needs of our students and their families. These include:

  • Academic Advisory
  • University and Career Counseling
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Counseling
  • Empower Program - A Comprehensive Social-Emotional Learning, Character Education, and Child Protection Curriculum
Summer School: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities: QSI Virtual School is proud to offer our students the latest in online educational technology to create rewarding and engaging learning experiences. We are excited to be partnered with Canvas by Instructure, the world's leading Learning Management System used by many of the world's top schools and universities. Canvas offers our teachers an adaptive interface to design rich and interactive online lessons for our students. Canvas also integrates directly with many of our online resources and tools including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Labster, Soft Chalk, and TurnItIn. Students and parents can access classes through any modern web browser, as well as through Canvas's convenient mobile applications. Parents and students have access to IT support from QSI Virtual School when and if it is needed.
School Clubs:

At QSI Virtual School, extracurricular activities and enrichment opportunities are considered essential components of the overall student experience. We provide a diverse selection of extracurricular activities, such as those centered on STEM, the arts, and many others. Our extracurricular activities program helps students not only develop skills but also foster relationships, explore their passions, and broaden the scope of their interests.

Admissions Requirements:

QSI Virtual School aims to provide a quality online, English medium, North American, international education for students across the globe. Admission to QSI Virtual School is aligned to the mission, vision and values of Quality Schools International. QSI Virtual School has an inclusive admissions policy and seeks to welcome motivated and independent secondary students from diverse backgrounds from all over the globe.

QSI Virtual School will carefully review and consider all admissions applications. QVS also recognizes that a full-time online educational program may not be suitable for all students and will make admissions decisions in the best interest of the student. In this regard, QSI Virtual School seeks to admit students best suited to excel in online learning. The following are admissions criteria that are considered when accepting students into our full-time program: 

  • Academic Potential – QSI Virtual School admits students who have a passion for learning and demonstrate strong academic potential based on previous school records, as well as standardized testing using NWEA MAP Growth assessments in reading, language usage, and mathematics.  

  • English Language Proficiency – QSI Virtual School accepts students with demonstrated proficiency in the English language as determined by an English language assessment administered online. Students with limited English experience may expect to spend additional years enrolled in Secondary in order to graduate with a QSI diploma. 

  • Student Readiness for Online Learning – QSI Virtual School admits students with demonstrated skills and readiness to be successful in online learning. This includes positive work and study habits, motivation and interest in learning, the ability to utilize technology effectively, and time management skills.  

  • Demonstration of Success Orientations – As a member of Quality Schools International, students of QSI Virtual School are expected to have a positive behavior record, demonstrating the seven Success Orientations (Responsibility, Independent Endeavor, Trustworthiness, Kindness and Politeness, Concern for Others, Aesthetic Appreciation, and Group Interaction).  

Mission Statement:

Virtually every five-year-old comes to school eager to learn. The mission of Quality Schools International (QSI) is to keep this urge to learn alive in every child in all QSI schools. 

Our schools are established to provide a quality education, in the English language, for students in the cities we serve. These students are the children of parents of many nationalities who have come to a foreign country, usually for a limited stay of a year or more. Some students are permanent residents, citizens of the host country. 

Our schools follow a logical model of education which measures success by the accomplishments and attitudes of our students. We believe that all of our students can succeed, that their successes encourage them to continue in a pattern of success, and that it is the schools’ responsibility to provide the conditions for success. These conditions include: 

  1. Developing clear statements in measurable terms of what the student will do to demonstrate mastery of learning; 

  1. Providing the time and resources needed for each student to attain mastery; 

  1. Ensuring that students engage in learning at a level which is challenging and yet a level for which each student has the prerequisite skills necessary for success. 

We believe in providing an aesthetically pleasing physical surrounding under the charge of a caring staff who believe their students will be successful, and who use time with the students as a resource for learning rather than as a boundary condition to determine when a unit of learning begins and ends. We believe in providing resources such as books, learning materials, and educational technology. In the world today, children need to become proficient in the use of computers and related technology as tools to accomplish a myriad of tasks. 

Finally, we believe in working with parents to encourage our students to adopt qualities of living which lead to success long after formal schooling has ended. These include universally accepted "success orientations" of trustworthiness, kindness/politeness, responsibility, independent endeavor, concern for others, group interaction, and aesthetic appreciation. 

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe that more learning will occur if the student has a desire to learn, has positive feelings concerning his school environment, and succeeds in his work. A comfortable atmosphere of caring and acceptance established by the school is considered important, so that each student is encouraged to strive for excellence and to be creative. This is enhanced by an aesthetically pleasing environment with a view to appreciation of beauty and order. Each student's possibility of success increases when the student works at the appropriate level of difficulty and senses positive expectations from his teachers.

School History:

QSI Virtual School was founded in 2012. Over the past decade, we have educated thousands of high school students from across the globe. QSI Virtual School is part of Quality Schools International, a non-profit organization with 37 international schools across the globe. Quality Schools International has been a leader in international education for over fifty years.

Social Media:

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Additional Information:

QSI Virtual School is a diverse international, multicultural, online learning community, offering meaningful standards-based education through mastery learning. We prepare and develop students to have confidence to pursue their dreams and to positively impact the world.

QSI Virtual School has been providing quality online education for the students of Quality Schools International since 2012. Over the past decade, we have taught thousands of students from all over the world, enabling students to study the courses they want and need to meet their goals.

We believe that the time is right to introduce our school to the world. With over 50 high quality online secondary courses, including 22 Advanced Placement courses, we offer our students a wealth of opportunities to learn and advance their studies. We invite you to learn more about joining our amazing learning community!

We invite interested families to schedule an admissions call at their convenience. We are excited to share with you information about our excellent online educational program.