Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School

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Basic Information

Address: 209-15 Horace Harding Expressway, Bayside, New York 11364
County: Queens
School District: 26
Phone Number: 718 225 4826
Fax Number: 718 225 4837
Principal: Seta Tavitian-Megherian, Principal
School Type: Private

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Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School
Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School
Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School
Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School

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Additional Information

Accreditation: New York State Department of Education
Founded: 1967
Ages/Grades: Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6
School Setting:

Small classes - One on one teaching. Caring and family oriented environment. Strong PTO support.

School Schedule: 7
School days in Calendar Year: 180+
School Size: 93 students
Classroom Size: 7 - 20
Student/Teacher Ratio: 6:1

PreK: $7,100 K - 6 grades: $5900 Registration: $300

Financial Aid:



In addition to our academic subjects, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science, HMADS offers Music, Art, Computer, Chess, Robotics, French and Tennis.

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:


Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:

School uniform. More information available at school.

Admissions Deadline: Rolling admissions
Mission Statement:

The Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School (HMADS) of Bayside New York-provides an educational environment in which students are educated through a bilingual curriculum to become responsible individuals, confident in their languages, appreciative of their cultures and well-prepared as members of American society.

HMADS believes in the uniqueness of each individual. Thus, the educational effort focuses on the process of "learning to learn" by fostering the love of learning. The school believes in developing the whole person and therefore, encouraging its students to develop as well-rounded individuals with a wide variety of extracurricular interests and achievements that help them exercise leadership, cooperation, and caring.

The students of this school also acquire a strong sense of Armenian ancestry and traditional values. These values permeate their lives not only while they are at this school but also long after they have left it.

School History:

Founded in 1967, Martyrs Armenian Day School (HMADS) has been offering its students an academically rich environment where love and respect of country, family and community are high priority. HMADS, an elementary institution housing grades Pre-Kindergarten - 6, is fully accredited by the New York State Department of Education.

The school takes pride in its reputation of maintaining high academic standards and bearing the distinguished honor of being the #1 private school in Queens, twice in its recent history. Superbly guided by its Principal and with its dedicated teaching staff, it strives towards new goals and high standards are part of the daily life. Children explore their rich heritage through literature, history, music and dance while instilled with values that strengthen them as they grow into adulthood. Along with enriching their minds and souls in this friendly environment new generations of Armenians create an unbreakable bond not only with the school, but with each other. Thus, the legacy continues in the nurturing of minds and character.

Housed in the Community Center of the Holy Martyrs Armenian Church in Bayside, New York, the school is supported by various philanthropic organizations. An Endowment Fund has been established welcoming the generosity of the international community, an endeavor that will hopefully attract a broad participation and allow for expansion of the present facilities.

The alumni of the HMADS have distinguished themselves in their secondary schools, colleges and careers since the fist graduating class of 1982. Many have been honored by their high schools and are recipients of scholarships to colleges and universities. Close to 260 alumni have distinguished themselves with academic and professional honors and are respected, active members of their communities. Many earlier alumni are returning home as parents and members of the PTO, School Board, and Friends of HMADS fundraising committee, further nurturing and assuring their alma mater’s continuity.

One need only visit the Holy Martyrs Armenian Day School to appreciate the invaluable contributions it is making to the future of our nation and people - carefully nurturing the growth of our children not only as Americans but also as Armenians.