Blue Ridge School

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Basic Information

Address: 273 Mayo Drive, St. George, VA
Phone Number: 434-985-2811
Fax Number: 434-985-7215
President: Trip Darrin
School Type: All boys boarding school

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Blue Ridge School
Blue Ridge School
Blue Ridge School
Blue Ridge School

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Additional Information

Founded: 1909
Ages/Grades: 9-12
School Setting:

Rural, 750 acre campus with three lakes and 17 miles of multi-purpose trails.

School Size: 170
Classroom Size: 12
Student/Teacher Ratio: 5:1


Financial Aid:



English Language Learners Program (ELL)
Fishburne Learning Center
Foreign Languages
Outdoor Education
Performing and Visual Arts
Social Studies

Support Services:

Fishburne Learning Center

Camp Programs: Yes
Summer School: No
Computer Capabilities:

Campus-wide wifi network

School Championships:

15 state championships and 1 national championship.

Uniform Guidelines:

Coat and tie

Mission Statement:

We specifically focus on helping boys reach their potential through personalized, structured, innovative learning practices in a college-preparatory, all-boarding community.