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Address: 15783 241st street Cold Spring, MN 56320
Phone Number: 320-292-6481 - Pete 320-217-3328 - Luke
Fax Number: 320-685-8672
Person of Contact: Pete Jokela or Luke Jokela

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The Sweep-All Turf Sweepers are manufactured in Winkler, Manitoba Canada and is commonly used across the US by school districts, park and rec departments, city municipalities, farmers/ranchers, and various other users. All models and sizes can be used on natural and synthetic turf. There are three models of sweepers (available in 5 sizes) along with a tow-behind plug aerator.
For the sweepers, the three series are as follows:

-PSM2548: The PSM2548 is considered our residential or homeowner Turf-Sweeper. "PSM" is the acronym for Power Sweeper Manual. "2" is a 2000 series. "5" indicates it has a Honda GX160 (5.5 hp) engine. "48" is the width of the broom. The machine is wider than the 4-foot broom and is 70" total from tire-to-tire. Standard adjustable tow bar hitch for compatibility with all tow vehicles including zero turn mowers. Raise and lower the brush manually for aggressive/passive sweeping. Rear tires are foam filled and front tires are pneumatic turf tires. The PSM series of sweepers has two options - Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) and Rake Tine Bar (RTB) for simultaneous dethatching.

-PSP4348 and PSP4360: The PSP series are considered commercial-grade turf-sweepers. They have been engineered to be compatible with all compact or subcompact tractors under 45 hp w/ 540-speed PTO drive & 3-point hitch capability. However, it can be used on larger tractors as long as the PTO speed runs at the standard 540rpm. "PSP" refers to Power Sweeper PTO. "4" represents the 4000 series. "3" indicates the 3-point hitch. "48" or "60" is the width of the broom only. The PSP4348 is wider than 4-feet and is 74" from tire-to-tire. The PSP4360 is 86" in total width. It is also "Quick-Hitch" compatible. Optional additions include Hydaulic Powered Dump (HPD) and 5' hopper Scissor Lift (SL). Two standard colors - green and orange. Other custom color options available.

-PSE Series - The PSE3948 or PSE3960 are both rated for commercial use. "PSE" stands for Power Sweeper Electric. "3" is 3000 series. "9" indicates it has a Honda GX270 (9 hp) engine. "48" or "60" is the width of the broom in inches. The PSE3948 is wider than 4-feet from tire to tire and is 70" in total width. The PSE3960 includes a 5-foot wide broom & is 82" from tire-to-tire. "Electric" in PSE refers to the electric actuators that control your brush height and depth, throttle control, and hopper dumping mechanism. With a push of a button on the wired handheld controller, you can control the engine and broom rpms, height and depth, and hopper dump. Optional additions on the PSE series include a Wireless Controller (WL), 5' Scissor Lift (SL), Electric Start (ES), Rake Tine Bar (RTB).

-AR1748 - The AR1748 is an aerator that includes 40 individual tines across the 4-foot width of the machine that penetrates turf to a maximum depth of 4". The 4-foot span is separated into two, 24" sections of 3/4" diameter cores, which allow it to revolve at different speeds to avoid turf damage when cornering or turning the tow-vehicle around. Sweep-All has engineered this aerator to easily change them out if/when needed. The aerator also includes an Electric-Lift actuator that can be activated from the operator's seat. Getting off the tow-vehicle or tractor is not required. It gets the electrical power from the tow-vehicle's battery. The unit also includes foam-filled, flat-proof tires that are standard on every machine. Available is an optional weight box for a deeper penetration, however if you decide not to purchase the weight box to save the additional cost, be advised that the AR1748 sturdy steel frame is curved to accept a 30 or 55 gallon plastic drum which you can source locally to add water for additional down-pressure.