Presentation of Our Lady Catholic School

Basic Information

Address: 660 Julian Street, Denver, CO 80204-0802
County: Denver
Phone Number: 303-629-6562
Fax Number: 303-573-3993

Action Shots

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Additional Information

President: (Principal) Stephen L. Furches, BA, MREd
School Type: Parochial, Co-ed
Founded: 1924
Ages/Grades: Pre-school through 8 th grade
Diocese: Archdiocese of Denver
School Setting:

Inner City

School Size: Enrollment 150 – Capacity 225
Classroom Size: 22
Student/Teacher Ratio: 10/1



Archdiocese of Denver – (

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Support Services:

Title I; school counseling program

Camp Programs: No
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

20 station lab; internet access in each classroom; wired and wireless

School Championships:

Various city championship in Catholic School Activity League

School Clubs:

Yearbook. Math Club, Geography Club, Band, Choir, Boys Basketball

Parking Spaces/Availability:


Uniform Guidelines:

Blue twill slacks; red or white polo shirt w/o logo; spirit clothing; uniform jumpers or skirts for younger girls; uniforms begin in kindergarten

Admissions Requirements:

Pass English proficiency exam; adequate scores on Woodcock-Johnson. Generally must be within one year of grade level

Mission Statement:

As a unified community of Jesus' followers, Presentation of Our Lady Catholic School exists to provide a caring, safe environment educating children for academic and personal success. (Undergoing rewriting)

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Expect great things, get great things. Expect little, get little
Set expectations in achievement and behavior high and students will strive to reach them

School History:

Founded in 1924 in West Denver , then a largely Irish community. Has continued to serve community which is now largely Hispanic. Strong family tradition as neighborhood school

Notes/School Information:
  • 95% Hispanic
  • 90% free and reduced lunch
    • both breakfast and lunch provided
  • significant financial aid available (must be applied for in early spring)
  • stable, caring, innovative faculty
  • Undergoing strategic planning for renewal of accreditation by Advanced Ed and planning for the next five years.
  • Students are respectful, kind, cooperative. No serious discipline troubles whatsoever. Parental support good to excellent.
  • Website undergoing final construction and awaiting Archdiocesan approval.
  • Preschool (3), prekindergarten (4) and kindergarten are full day program.
  • Solid, well-maintained physical plant
  • Strong Roman Catholic practices and teaching.