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Address: 3415 Colorado Avenue 596 UCB Boulder, CO 80309
Phone Number: 303-735-1975
Chair: J. Will Medlin
Dean: Keith Molenaar

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Type of Housing: On Campus: Graduate Student Housing

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive learning, teaching and working environment for all students, faculty, staff and guests. The diversity of our community is central to our success as a world-class center of teaching, learning and research.

We are firm in our commitment that all people have the right to be free from harassment and discrimination. To that end, any discrimination against students, faculty, or staff based on protected class identity is in opposition to our values, which are in accordance with the CU Boulder Discrimination & Harassment Policy.

The department recognizes that science and engineering have not traditionally been open, welcoming and accessible spaces for many people, and we are committed to increasing inclusion, diversity and equity in chemical and biological engineering education and research.

In service to these commitments, the department will:

  • Invite and host speakers with diverse backgrounds as part of the undergraduate curriculum and seminar series
  • Integrate implicit bias and bystander intervention training for students, faculty and staff
  • Address diversity and ethics in undergraduate and graduate coursework
  • Increase efforts to inclusively recruit and retain students, faculty and staff
  • Leverage the recommendations of the department's Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committee to continuously improve the overall climate for diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels

Creating a safe, welcoming and rich academic environment is an ongoing process that requires the engagement, commitment and input of all students, faculty and staff within our community.

Admission Requirements:

Admission requirments and application deadlines can be found at the website above under "how to apply".

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International Students:

Degrees Offered:

  • Chemical Engineering - PhD
  • Biological Engineering - PhD