Sursum Corda Classical School

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Basic Information

Address: 143 Washington St. Oregon, WI 53575
County: Dane
Phone Number: 608-835-3554
Principal: Rev. Jeff Hendrix
School Type: Classical Lutheran School

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Founded: 2023
Organization Affiliation: Lutheran; Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS)
Ages/Grades: K-3
School Setting:


Mission Statement:

We provide an education to lift up hearts.

Notes/School Information:

♡ Sursum Corda Classical will provide a classical, Biblical education to children. By using the classical approach within the framework of a confessional Lutheran character, the school will aim to allow students to "lift up their hearts."

♡ Through the nurturing of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, students will rise above simply learning a set of skills, to rather be free to discover what is true, good, and beautiful.

♡ By engaging with the greatest of literature and wisdom from the past to the present, students will be freed to think above the issues of the modern world.

♡ With a schedule that includes parents in the education of their children, families will be freed for service in their highest and most important vocations.

♡ Finally, with the Gospel of Christ and the forgiveness of sins forming the foundation of the school, students' hearts will be truly lifted up - free from sin.