Penn State Collegiate Recovery Program

Basic Information

Phone Number: 814-863-0140
Program Contact: Jason WHitney

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Penn State Collegiate Recovery Program

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Additional Information

Area of Focus:

The students in recovery in this program have made the decision to desist entirely from the use of alcohol and other drugs and are committed to a program of action that will maximize their chances of achieving long-term recovery while meeting their educational (and other life) goals. Some of our students live in ROAR House, our dedicated on-campus recovery housing. The Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community embodies everything that is great about Penn State: Excellence, support for one's fellow students, service to the community, and strong alumni support. Come see for yourself this powerful and highly personalized program and the success that students regularly find within our tight-knit community.

The Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community currently serves about 25 students at University Park. Penn State's main recovery programming consists of three or more one-hour recovery seminars each week, during which students discuss issues related to being a student in recovery at Penn State. The Collegiate Recovery Community also offers a weekly lunch and a weekly Newcomers Meeting.

The Collegiate Recovery Community coordinates a wide range of activities and travel opportunities; offers academic advocacy, student conduct advocacy, admissions advocacy, a supportive alumni community; and awards a small number of $1000 scholarships to active members.

All students wishing to become members of the Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community sign a Membership Agreement in which the member agrees to remain free of alcohol and other drugs, to attend at least one of the peer-support seminars weekly, and to work a program outside the Collegiate Recovery Community, which entails attending 12-step meetings (or an equivalent) and regular work with a sponsor (or equivalent).

Two affiliated organizations are crucial to the Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community: Our affiliated student organization, Lions for Recovery, and our Alumni Interest Group, Lions in Recovery.

Although our Program is at University Park only, we welcome any inquiries from students at any of Campuses, and we are always hoping to involve any Penn State alums who are in recovery or who support recovery at Penn State.

Professional Affiliations: Association of Recovery in Higher Education
Residential: Yes
Mission Statement:

Mission Statement: The Collegiate Recovery Community at Penn State University provides a caring and supportive environment for students working to recover from addictions. The CRC communicates a message of hope, links students with recovery-related services and persons in recovery, and facilitates the development of healthy and sustainable habits of mind, body, and spirit. Through the pairing of education and recovery, students are positioned to transition into fulfilling lives as productive members of the campus community and the larger society. 

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The Penn State CRC's Public Relations Policy
We, when acting as members of the CRC and its affiliates LFR and LIR:
1. Assume that CRC, LFR and LIR members wish to remain anonymous, and do not reveal the full names of other members or post photos of one another unless permission is given. One is never required to make their full names public at any point, and breaking others members' anonymity should be avoided at all times.
2. Avoid conflict with 12-step programs by asking our members to adhere to the public relations policies of those 12-step programs to which they belong.
3. To help protect the CRC's reputation, we exercise extreme caution when dealing with press, radio, films, television, and other media and refrain from issuing public statements, giving interviews or being filmed until after they have consulted with the Director.
4. Have no opinion on outside issues, including issues at Penn State that have no relation to our primary purpose of helping the Penn State community member in recovery. The CRC thus seeks to avoid being drawn into public controversy.

Program History:

The Penn State CRC was founded in 2011.

Social Media:

Penn State CRC Facebook page
Lions For Recovery Facebook Page
Lions For Recvoery Instagram
Lions In Recovery Facebook page