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Basic Information

Program Name: UVM Catamount Recovery Program
Phone Number: 802.656.0236
Fax Number: 802.656.
Program Contact: Amy Boyd Austin

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Additional Information

Established: 2010
Area of Focus:

The Catamount Recovery Program provides a supportive environment within the campus culture that reinforces a recovering lifestyle. It provides a community of peers with shared experiences, goals, and values around recovery. Wwe offer recovery support alongside your academic experience. The CRP reinforces accountability for recovering students that comes from self, peers, and higher education staff. And lastly, the CRP provides a normative college experience apart from the culture of drinking/substance use that is present on today's campus.

Professional Affiliations: ARHE

University of Vermont Campus - Burlington


Approximately 35 students

CRP Criteria:

Students in or seeking recovery/recovery support from subtance use/misuse are welcome to join the Catamount Recovery Program community, events and activities.  

We offer recovery-based housing for undergraduate students with a minimum of six months of active recovery.

Residential: Yes
Counseling Services: Yes
Disability Services:

Available through the Student Accessibility Services office on campus.

Treatment Services: via referral
Mission Statement:

To provide students in recovery the opportunity to pursue academic success, personal growth, professional development, to have an active and fulfilling collegiate experience, and to prepare them to be vibrant leaders in the community
To shift the landscape of the college campus to respect, value and cultivate a culture of long-term recovery as a model of wellness.

Program History:

The University of Vermont's Catamount Recovery Program (CRP) was founded in 2010 to address the unique needs of students in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction. Our goals are to provide:

  • A supportive environment/community within the campus culture that reinforces the decision to engage academics without engaging substance use;
  • An educational opportunity alongside recovery support to ensure that students in recovery have the ability to achieve success both in college and beyond;
  • Accountability for recovering students that comes from self, peers, and higher education staff;
  • A normative college experience for individuals in recovery.

The CRP has a Director and a Coordinator, as well as counseling staff available for CRP members, but the community of CRP students are the most valued members of the team. Each CRP member is asked to be supportive of the ideals of the community and each member's commitment to sobriety.

UVM's Catamount Recovery Program is founded upon five pillars we believe provide a strong foundation for recovery support on a college campus. These pillars are: Recovery, Community, Academics, Self-Care, and Advocacy. Each student is asked to consider these five pillars in building their recovery action plan.

Programs and Services:

Five day a week programming (Meditation and Mindfulness, 12 step meeting, lunch, drop in, recovery group, movie and game nights, book club).

Every other weekend social activity (apple picking, go karts, hiking, camping, brunch/dinner, Halloween party, Friendsgiving, etc.)

Staff support - monthly 1-1s, advocacy with other UVM services (academic advising, financial aid, support services, accessibility services)

Weekly clinical recovery group

Recovery-based housing