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Basic Information

Address: 1 William L Jones Drive room 135 PO BOX 5093 COOKEVILLE Tennessee 38505 USA
Phone Number(s): 9313723634
Fax Number(s): 9313723674
Director: Charlie Wilkerson

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Tennessee Tech's Center for English as a Second Language
Tennessee Tech's Center for English as a Second Language
Tennessee Tech's Center for English as a Second Language
Tennessee Tech's Center for English as a Second Language

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Additional Information

Ages: 16 to 75

Intensive ESL 18 hours per week 4 days
Intensive 2 ESL 25 hours per week 5 days
Intensive G ESL 18 hours per week 4 days for Graduate Students
CESL + Pathway for Undergraduate students

School Setting:

Tennessee Tech is located in the Upper Cumberland in the Highland Rim region. we have 4 seasons, and TTU is surrounded by 4 State Parks and over 100 beautiful waterfalls. The region is very hospitable and the students find it a great place to make lifelong friends and very welcoming homestays.

Tennessee Tech will be able to issue documents non-resident alien students which gives them permissions to study in the United States.

The CESL program will have

•2 start dates per term
•2 seven week terms
•Special work shops when requested by groups
•Current Tennessee Tech non-native speakers can take specific disciplines ad hoc if needed or requested.
•Listening & Speaking; Grammar & Writing; Reading and Discussion and Vocabulary Development

School Schedule (Hours in a Day): 5 hours per day


School Size: University, 10,000 ESL less than 100
Classroom Size: 15 to 20
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1 to 20

$4800 per semester for tuition + $3000 for 6 months of homestay

Financial Aid:


Languages used as a Medium of Teaching: English only
Credit Available: Pathway program classes will bear credit
Course Levels: Pre-College for ESL; Pathway Freshmen year college courses
Experience Required:

An ESL program, generally referred to as an Intensive English Program (IEP) in the U.S., is a language program that does not allow students to take credit-bearing university courses.
18 hours of contact time is the minimum requirement by the USCIS/ SEVP.
The CESL program at Tennessee Tech University, will be 18 hours per week, each session will be 7-weeks

Percentage of Graduating Class: 79
Parking Space/Availability:


Support Services:

TTU's Center for ESL will provide, tutoring; listening labs, activities, guest speakers, and assistance in applying to Tennessee Tech.

Computer Capabilities:

Students will have access to all Computer Labs, terminals, and students will be assigned a Tennessee Tech email address.


Students will have access to the Residence Halls at Tennessee.
Married students will have access to the Married housing and students will also have the chance to live with an American Family in the Homestay program.

Admissions Requirements:

For ESL, the student must show they have the funds to apply for the F-1 visa, which will be  $17,000

to matriculate to Tennessee Tech
the students will either finish the program or provide a DUOLINGO score of 85; TOEFL score of 61 or IELTS score of 5.5
All years of high school
copy of passport, visas, I-20
Bank document of $37,900 
and health records

Admissions Deadline:

For Undergraduates the deadline is rolling
Graduate students have a fixed deadline which can be found on the Graduate Studies website

Mission Statement:

The Office of International Education provides admissions services for all international undergraduate and DACA undergraduate applicants. We also provide international students (undergraduate and graduate) and visiting scholars with immigration services. 

An international student is classified for educational purposes as a person who is a citizen or permanent resident of a country other than the United States.

Tennessee Tech is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Tennessee's technological university creates, advances, and applies knowledge to expand opportunity and economic competitiveness. As a STEM-infused, comprehensive institution, Tennessee Tech delivers enduring education, impactful research, and collaborative service.

School History:

TTU originated as the University of Dixie in 1909, The school was incorporated in 1909 with the State of Tennessee by leaders of the Church of Christ in Cookeville, Tennessee. The school was popularly called "Dixie College." The road Dixie Avenue takes its name from the school as it was the road "you took from town out to Dixie College."
The official name from 1915 until 1965 was Tennessee Polytechnic University. The TPI seal is displayed on the Derryberry clock tower.In 1965, the university's name changed to Tennessee Technological University. Supporters call the university "Tech" for short.


Serene Tai from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, (from Methodist College in KL)
"I definitely enjoyed the General Psychology and Music Appreciate class that I took. During my second year, I made a decision to start a research project with my Chemistry professor and my academic career took another course since. Even as an international student I was offered various opportunities to enhance my education. I was able to work with the top scientists/researchers in my field as well as participate and present my research work in various state and national Chemistry conferences. I was very delighted and thankful when I was chosen as the recipient of the Award for Excellence in Liberal Arts 2014-2015, the highest award in the College of Arts and Sciences."

Duan Liangbo from Anshan, China (from Beijing Communications University in Beijing, CN). Since I chose the concentration of international business, I had the chance to participate in a course called International Experience. This course gave me the opportunity to go abroad again. I visited Brazil with an entire group of Americans. We visited local famous Brazilian companies, and we had opportunities to talk with managers at each company. This course allows students to gain experience in a real international business environment. I learned a lot from theory to practice. Overall, TTU's MBA is an excellent program to participate especially for Chinese students. One to two years of study and living not only allow me to study business content, but also provide me many opportunities to know the real American culture embedded in the world's business environment.

International Students From Tennessee Tech University
Thiago: TTU International Student, Thiago from Brazil
Rebecca: TTU International student, Rebecca from El Salvador
Ryan Brown: TTU International Student, Ryan from Thailand
Rosa: TTU International Student, Rosa from Peru
Alvaro: TTU International Student, Alvaro from Spain
Shanrya: TTU International Student, Shanrya from the Bahamas
Mubin: TTU International Student, Mubin from Thailand

Program Highlights:

After the ESL student matriculate, if they want to get additional help they can take an abbreviated course in 1 of the subjects:

Ala carte options (student may opt to take only one of the

4 parts of the curriculum at a separate cost).

•Grammar and Writing $700 for 4 hours per week for 7-weeks
•Listening and Speaking $700 for 4 hours per week for 7-weeks
•Reading and Discussion $700 for 4 hours per week for 7-weeks
•Vocabulary Development $700 for 4 hours per week for 7-weeks

Students once the join the Pathway program, after they finish 24 credits, they can continue in Pathway for another semester or continue without the Pathway intergration.

Additional School Information:

Tennessee Tech's Majors https://www.tntech.edu/majors/
Tennessee Tech's Colleges https://www.tntech.edu/academics/colleges-schools.php  
Tennessee Tech's Graduate Studies:  https://www.tntech.edu/graduatestudies/degrees.php