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Name of Test: Modern Language Aptitude Test
Address: 10713 Mist Haven Terrace, N. Bethesda, MD 20852
Phone Number: 2407312337
Author/Publisher: Charles Stansfield

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The test is a measure of aptitude for foreign languages. It does not measure achievement or proficiency.

Grade Levels:


Proficiency Levels:

Not applicable.

Test Use:

Used by hundreds of consulting psychologists to determine if a college student or aspirant has a foreign language learning disability. Selection of individuals based on language learning aptitude for assignments that require foreign language learning.

Skills Tested:

auditory acuity, auditory memory, sensitivity to grammatical function, associative memory, phonetic coding ability, rote learning ability for FL materials

Publication Date:


Test Length:

approximately 170 items. Admistration time = 65 minutes

Test Materials:

Test booklet and Answer sheet. Audio on CD.

Test Format:

4 or 5 option Multiple Choice

Scoring Method:

rights only.

Scoring Process:

scoring stencil or machine scoring on Scantron scanner.

Results Reported:

by part scores and total score.

Administered By:

a consulting psychologist, or trained test administrator.

Administered When:

As an off the shelf instrument.

Administered How:

CD and test booklet. MC Answer Sheet. Hand or machine scoreable.

Administered Where:

At psychologist's office.

Test Description:

four parts

Test Development/Technical Information:

See test manual. Highly reliable. Validated on HS and college students, adult government employees.

Parallel Versions in Other Languages:


Current Users:

hundreds of consulting psychologists, US Dept of Defense. US Dept of State.

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