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Basic Information

Address: 13625 EDS Drive, Fairfax, VA
County: Fairfax
School District: N/A
Phone Number: 703 713-3332

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Additional Information

President: Ken Nysmith
School Type: Private
Founded: 1984
Ages/Grades: 3 years through 8th grade
School Setting:

The Nysmith School is situated on a picturesque 13 acres conveniently located to several major highways for easy access

School Size: 650 students
Classroom Size: 18 MAx
Student/Teacher Ratio: 9:1 MAx


Financial Aid:

Up to 50% based on need

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100
Camp Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

The Nysmith School is well known in Washington, DC, for its daily technology instruction. Teams compete nationally virtually every year.

School Championships:

Please look at our website's achievements page; students have won National Awards for STEM, robotics, debate, history, geography, chess, and more.

School Clubs:

Nysmith offers over 65 afterschool clubs each week, including sports, academics, competitions, and fun social clubs.

Parking Spaces/Availability:

We have abundant parking

Uniform Guidelines:

Nysmith has a dress code but no uniform

Admissions Requirements:

No testing until 1st grade. For entry in first grade and older, any standardized IQ test with a score of 120 or higher.

Mission Statement:

We make a World-Class education a joy-filled experience

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We firmly believe that every child has value; each has a role in this world. Nysmith's goal is to help every child become the best version of themselves and to learn their potential

School History:

Carole Nysmith, a teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools Gifted and Talented program, founded the Nysmith School. Carole loved teaching but realized that with 25-35 children in each of her classes, she could give each child the time and attention to help each of her students reach their potential.
Carole began The Nysmith School to help every child reach their potential. She believed that making school fun was just as important as academics and that, in fact, challenging academics can be fun if presented in a hands-on, engaging lesson. Small classes with a maximum 1:9 ratio allow teachers to teach up to four grade levels above grade to inspire the children.
The curriculum includes hands-on science and technology classes, foreign language, reading, and math classes differentiated up to four grade levels above grade to nurture and challenge intellectual curiosity. The school also has a unique and powerful character education/ communication program for kindergarten eighth grade that teaches social skills, how to find happiness, time management, life balance, and so much more to help the children internalize the skills they will need to not only survive in a rapidly changing world but to thrive.
The school minimizes repetition both in class and as homework to help children enjoy life while developing the skills that they will need.

Notes/School Information:

If your child loves to learn, The Nysmith School is the right school. We invite you to visit us to talk with teachers, children, and parents. Experiance how we make a world-class education a joy-filled experience for every child.

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