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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 309 , 339 Paris Road , Hebron , ME 04238
County: New London
Phone Number: 207-966-5225; Tool Free ( USA only) 888-432-7664
Fax Number: 207-966-1111
President: Headmaster Dan Marchetti
School Type: Independent Day and Boarding

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Hebron Academy
Hebron Academy
Hebron Academy
Hebron Academy

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Additional Information

Founded: 1804
School Setting:

Hebron Academy is nestled in the foothills on the eastern edge of the White Mountains in Hebron, Maine. Hebron's rural, 1500-acre campus provides unparalleled outdoor recreation opportunities including miles of trails for running, nordic skiing and mountain biking, two ponds, and a small ski slope. The urban amenities of Lewiston, Portland and Boston are readily accessible. Nearby places of interest include Sunday River, Lost Valley and Shawnee Peak Ski Resorts, Grafton Notch State Park, Freeport, and North Conway (NH).

School Size: 240 students in grades 9-PG. Boarding 64%, Day 36%, Boys 66%, Girls 36%, International 20%, Students of color 10%, States represented 18, Countries represented 10
Classroom Size: Average is 12
Student/Teacher Ratio: 7/1

Middle School Day Student Tuition $27,600 Upper School Day Student Tuition $33,600 Upper & Middle School Boarding Tuition $60,700

Financial Aid:

Need based available all four years. 50 percent of students receive need-based financial aid grants


English, Mathematics, Science, History and Social Science, World Languages, Visual and Performing Arts

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100 percent of graduates go on to college
Support Services:

Academic Guidance Center:
Students, parents, teachers, advisors, and the AGC staff all work together to help each student achieve academic success. Each student is assigned a team leader that coordinates communication, develops the learning plan, and ensures that the student's learning profile is updated and utilized by teachers.
Each student's learning plan in AGC is individualized and incorporates a wide variety of interventions, such as study skills, written expression instruction, scaffolding, metacognitive skills, self-advocacy, and reading comprehension support. Students enrolled in the Academic Guidance Center are assigned a class period to work directly with the staff in AGC on improving executive function skills. Typically, Academic Guidance classes are taught one-on-one or one-on-two.
Counseling Services:
At Hebron, we are committed to educating the whole student and understand the value of providing students with the knowledge, guidance, and support necessary to make informed, educated, and healthy life choices.

Hebron’s mission emphasizes cultivating a culture of trust, respect for self and others, and inclusion. The resulting warm, welcoming, and nurturing community provides a strong foundation of support and enables our focus on mental health and wellness promotion to permeate broadly throughout our students’ experience.

By teaching life skills, promoting social connectedness, identifying students at risk, encouraging health-seeking behaviors, and providing evidenced-based mental health services, we support the comprehensive mental health needs of our student body.

Along with the effectiveness of the supports available, care and consideration are maintained to ensure easy access, without stigma, for all.
Health and Wellness Programs:
Wellness programming is integral to new student orientation and the on-boarding process, with special attention paid to mid-year and non-traditional times of enrollment. Wellness programming is woven into all aspects of life at Hebron, including residential life, Academic Guidance Center supports, special events, advisory meetings, class meetings, health education and athletics.
Topics of wellness programming include:
• Mindfulness-based stress management
• Self-care
• Nutrition for mental wellness
• Sleep hygiene
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL):
ESOL course sections are offered in English, History, and Science.
College Counseling:
Three college counselors help students move confidently through the college search and application process and gain acceptance to the institution that best matches the talents, goals and needs of each student.

Computer Capabilities:

Our technological resources are extensive and continue to grow. We have a high-speed fiber optic network that links all the buildings on campus. We also have a wireless network in our dormitories, library and faculty housing, enabling us to move around with a computer while staying connected to our network and the Internet. Computers for student use are available in the library, the computer lab and every dormitory.

School Championships:

Hebron Academy has a strong athletic tradition. In the last two years has earned appearances in the New England finals in football, soccer, field hockey, girls and boys ice hockey, and lacrosse. Hebron has also been the Maine Independent School Champions in girls' soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and softball, and boys' basketball, and baseball. Individual championships include skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and tennis.

Notable Graduates/Alumni:

Michael Zane '66: Founder of the Kryptonite Lock Corporation
Suzanne Smrekar '80: Astronomer and Deputy Principal Investigator, NASA
Sean Morey '95: Wide Receiver and Special Teams, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Arizona Cardinals.
Ryan E. Vachon '97: Forensic Scientist, The Armed Forces DNA identification Lab
Hannibal Hamlin 1825: Vice President of the United States under Abraham Lincoln

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Notes/School Information:

Message from the Head of School, Mr. Dan Marchetti:
Welcome to Hebron Academy! 
Hebron anchors decisions by considering what's best for our students and our community. We continually adapt our pedagogy and programs as they evolve to ensure we are delivering the best and uniquely personalized educational experience we can. Our caring faculty are open-minded and epitomize a commitment to life-long learning by continually pushing to adopt new programs and embrace new ideas, especially those generated from our students. At Hebron, we benefit from over 200 years of providing a world-class education as we build a collective vision for the future that is relevant and inspires our students as they grow and learn here.
While many aspects of Hebron set us apart from our peer schools, our exceptional faculty is a hallmark of what we offer. You will be pushed to grow academically here at Hebron and to explore areas you feel passionate about. It won’t always be easy, but our faculty is dedicated to partnering with you on your journey and to provide you with encouragement, support, and guidance as you exceed your expectations of what you ever thought was possible. Our high expectations for student achievement are grounded in our belief in you, and our commitment to your growth in all areas.
Our campus is a unique resource, providing numerous outdoor recreational opportunities under the clear, bright skies of Maine. Our state-of-the-art athletic facilities and fields are complemented by vast trails, offering miles of biking, skiing, and running opportunities. Similarly, our academic programs integrate our woodlands, waterways and ecosystems into our curriculum for both hands-on and project-based learning opportunities
The cultural diversity of our student body is another strength of the Hebron experience. We learn, as one student recently wrote, "Hebron is a place to be yourself. We are all so different and yet we all have so much in common." You will live, play sports, learn, create and grow together with students from all over the world, and in the process open your mind and eyes to the human qualities that bind us together. 
Hebron Academy inspires and guides students to reach their highest potential in mind, body and spirit.
Core Values:
Hebron Academy is a friendly community of trust where an individual's word is his or her bond. We instill intellectual and moral discipline through structure and accountability to high standards. Our community welcomes individuality, respects differences, and values each person's contributions. We honor and promote a unique awareness of tradition, place and environment. Hebron faculty models a passion and dedication to teaching and learning.
Fall: Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Mountain Biking, Soccer, Outdoor Pursuits.
Winter: Skiing, Snowboarding, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Personal Fitness, Outdoor Pursuits
Spring: Baseball, Lacrosse, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field, Outdoor Pursuits
Co-Curricular Activities :
Community Service, Entrepreneur & Leadership Program, Etchings literary magazine, Festival of the Arts, Gay/Straight Alliance, Diversity Club, Green Key, Mountain Day, Outing Club, Rock Band, School Newspaper, Spectator Yearbook, Spirit Week, Student Government, Winter Carnival
New at Hebron Academy :
The Kaneb Science and Engineering Building opened in 2019 with state of the art equipment.
Robinson Arena saw significant improvements in 2019, including new heating and cooling systems, new locker rooms and the addition of the McGonagle Pavilion.