JOY Academy of Southern Nevada

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Basic Information

Address: 3883 E. Mesa Vista Way, Las Vegas, NV
County: Clark
School District: Las Vegas
Phone Number: 702-703-9000
Fax Number: 702-201-1717
President: Dr. Connie Stolworthy
Principal: Dr. Connie Stolworthy
School Type: Private, non-profit, faith-based, non-denominational, Waldorf-inspired K-12

Action Shots

JOY Academy of Southern Nevada
JOY Academy of Southern Nevada
JOY Academy of Southern Nevada
JOY Academy of Southern Nevada

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Additional Information

Founded: 2016
Organization Affiliation: None
Ages/Grades: K-12
School Setting:

Small class sizes, low student:teacher ratio, positive learning environment, recess, project based learning

School Schedule: 8:30 am to 3:00 p.m. M-Th, hours vary on Friday depending on Family Field Trips or Family Share Days
School days in Calendar Year: 180
School Holidays: Labor Day - 9/2, NV Day Observed 10/25, (Attend on Veteran's Day - 11/11), Thanksgiving Week 11/19 to 11/23, Winter Break 12/19 to 1/3 (School resumes on 1/6), Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - 1/20, President's Day 2/17, (Attend on 3/9), Spring Break 4/6 to 4/13 (School resumes on 4/14), Last day of school 5/20

Our school is small and close-knit, like a family. :)

School Size: 50
Classroom Size: Ranges from 6 to 13 (classes capped at 15)
Student/Teacher Ratio: 6:1, including aides

$6,800 for a full-time student 1st-8th grade - discounts can be applied. Kindergarten is half-day - $3,000. High School is $4,000.

Financial Aid:

Opportunity Scholarships


Art, Music, Physical Education, Foreign Languages, Sewing, Photography, Creative Writing, Outdoor Learning


Waldorf, Abeka, Classic Literature, Math Essentials, Excel Math, and The Good and the Beautiful

Support Services:

Differentiated instruction, 1:1 tutoring, small class sizes, low student:teacher/aide ratio

Computer Capabilities:

1:1 Chromebooks if needed, but we use technology as a tool, not a teacher

Parking Spaces/Availability:

On-site and street parking

Uniform Guidelines:

Appropriate and tasteful clothing at all times is expected. It covers the shoulders, midriff, and the length is minimally at the fingertip. No clothing should be tight or revealing. Sayings on t-shirts should not be foul or unkind. Shoes should be supportive, sensible and safe for the day's activities. Please no flip-flops.

Mission Statement:

JOY Academy is committed to empowering students to become life-long, self-directed learners.

Philosophy/Belief Statement: Learning is a joyful journey. We believe that we each learn best when we have God as part of our life. We believe that families and children should have choices and have a voice in their education. We believe that our children are more important than any test. We believe that technology is a tool and will never replace a good teacher. We will be masters of technology, but it will not be our master. We believe that if you can take a field trip, you should.
School History: Message from Dr. Connie Stolworthy: Over 10 years ago I joked that I was working on my doctorate of education so that after my husband retired, I could go with him to the wilds of Idaho and be the superintendent, principal, teacher, and custodian of a one-room schoolhouse. Here is proof that the Lord has a sense of humor. My husband, recently retired from being a paramedic/firefighter, has been helping with the custodial duties of an 8 room school in the Las Vegas area--where I am superintendent, principal, and teacher. It is not what I had thought it would be... it is something much better! I have been greatly concerned about the direction of education in our country. I feel that the focus needs to be more on students learning and growing in a supportive environment. The focus should not be on test scores and students should not be going home with hours of homework. Kids still need to be kids! Technology is a tool that can compliment their education, but it should never be used as a replacement for the teacher. Because of these concerns, I have worked to create JOY Academy of Southern Nevada, a private, nonprofit, faith-based school to empower students to become lifelong, self-directed learners. We start the day with prayer, then we work together doing hands-on learning as much as possible. We are as likely to be using a hammer or measuring tape as a pencil! Our students have recess. At the end of the day, they go home to be with their family or do activities that they want to do: there is no homework. Students have time to read what they want to read and spend time doing family activities. The Academy name of JOY is in honor of my parents: my mother's initials are J.O.Y. My parents raised a family of 10 children on my dad's teacher's salary, and he always referred to his wife as his greatest joy. My husband and I have raised 6 children in Henderson, Nevada. We have 16 grandchildren.