Ball State University

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Phone Number: 17652851471
Address: Interior Design Program Department of CMID Ball State University, Muncie IN 47306

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School Type: Four Year College
Public/Private: Public
Historical Black College/University: No
School Size: 20000 plus
Classroom Size: 15 to 40
Student/Teacher Ratio: 1/15
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Summer Sessions:

The Youth Interior Design Forum (YIDF) is a workshop open to high school students of any grade level and gives them the opportunity to experience interior design firsthand. The workshop blends tradition and innovation in creative learning, covering areas in applied critical thinking and exploration with materials. During the workshop, students explore the fundamentals of 2D and 3D concepts, learn basic drawing and illustration skills, play with color use and light effects, and learn how interior environments affect human behavior. Upon completion, students will have a portfolio of work (a required component for the application for many accredited college interior design programs), an official certificate of completion, and a waiver for an interior design 3-credit hour elective course if the student decides to apply and major in Interior Design at Ball State University. For more information visit

Notes/School Info:

Our program provides resilient, sustainable, and adaptive design solutions that enhance the function, safety, and aesthetic quality of indoor environments as a professional interior designer. Our bachelor’s degree in interior design will prepare you for an exciting and challenging career in a variety of settings like commercial offices, health care facilities, hospitality (restaurant and hotel), store planning, and much more.

As one of our students, you’ll develop strong visual design skills, which you’ll use to produce the drawings, structural models, computer simulations, or full-scale prototypes you’ll work on as a professional. You’ll also gain the verbal skills you’ll need when working with clients, contractors, architects, and others involved in design projects.

Our curriculum focuses on global diversity and universal design, or design that is accessible to all people, as well as creating sustainable interiors. You’ll apply these lessons to professional experiences because we are one of the few programs in the country that will pair you with real-world clients.

The University Design Center faculty members and students work closely with organizations and businesses to provide Interior Design and Space Planning services in Indiana. Businesses benefit from our experienced faculty and motivated students to tackle real-world design challenges.