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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 28028, Bellingham, WA, USA, 98228
Phone Number: 360-647-0072

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KCP International Japanese Language School
KCP International Japanese Language School
KCP International Japanese Language School
KCP International Japanese Language School

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Additional Information

Ages: 18 +

Shinjuku, Tokyo

School Schedule (Hours in Day): 4-5 hours each day
School Size: 800+ students
Classroom Size: 15 average
Student/Teacher Ratio: 11/1


Financial Aid:

US College students

Languages used as a Medium of Teaching: Japanese, English
Credit Available: 14 semester credits each term
Course Levels: Beginner through advanced
Experience Required:

1 semester university level Japanese recommended.

Support Services:

English support available. Detailed Orientation. Ongoing excursions and cultural activities.

Computer Capabilities:

Facilities have Wi-Fi. Most housing has Wi-Fi. Computer lab available.

Admissions Requirements:

High school graduate, 18+ years of age.

Admissions Deadline: Offered 5 times a year. Applications due 90 days prior to program start.
Application Process:

Online application.

Mission Statement:

Providing the best in quality Japanese language education.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:


School History:

Founded in 1983. Multiple partner universities and colleges.

Travel/Living Accommodations: https://www.kcpinternational.com/about/housing/
Notes/School Information:

Leader in Japanese language education
KCP International Japanese Language School in Japan has been known for its high standard in providing an immersive language and culture education since 1983.

Full Japanese Immersion
In classes, language instruction takes place entirely in Japanese: the direct method, or full Japanese language immersion. Special emphasis is placed on holistic language education to help students master general knowledge of the Japanese language, usable fluency, and vital Japanese context.

Located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, the main campus includes a Japanese tearoom, garden, library, and manga room for the students to maximize their time in Japan. The school is in a quiet neighborhood nestled in the bustling metropolis.

Academic Credit
KCP has been working with accredited U.S. universities for over 20 years. We have affiliation agreements with several universities and sponsor agreements with three others. Each year, KCP hosts students from more than 50 American colleges and universities.
Visit the KCP website for more information about our program: https://www.kcpinternational.com.