Mater Amoris Montessori School

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Basic Information

Address: 18501 Mink Hollow Road P.O. Box 97 Ashton, MD 20861
County: Montgomery
Phone Number: 301-774-7468

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Additional Information

School Type: Montessori
Founded: 1968
Ages/Grades: age 2-12
After School Programs: Yes
School Championships:

Cal Cup Field Hockey Winners

School History:

Recently celebrated 50 Years of Excellence in Education!

Notes/School Information:

Mater Amoris's rural environment in Ashton, Maryland supports our child-centered, experiential philosophy. The 13-acre campus brings students into close contact with nature, where they enjoy clear air and spacious surroundings. The expansiveness of our campus allows children to learn through their surroundings, not be limited to a small, overcrowded classroom all day.

Research* has shown that outdoor play is crucial for developing happy, smart, attentive children. Our program includes outdoor play for children every day.

Some Of The Features Of Our Campus Include:
Open lawn and surrounding woods which allow for games, hikes, and exploration

Vegetable garden which the children help care for and enjoy the produce from -- picking the vegetables and preparing them for snacks

Turf field hockey field which is used by all students learning the game and for games

Playground with equipment appropriate in size for all age groups and physical ability

Butterfly garden and solariums used to bring science lessons truly to life

Music room to support everyday learning and our two annual performances -- the holiday program and spring musical

Mater Amoris Montessori's classrooms were designed with the student and our self-directed learning philosophy in mind. Each classroom is organized by subject area, such as practical life, geography or math. Once students have a lesson on the area, it is open to them to explore and utilize. Further encouraging exploration and nurturing curiosity, all materials are stored and situated at the child's level and within their reach.