Neshaminy Montessori

Basic Information

Address: 4951 Central Ave Trevose, PA
County: Bucks
School District: Bensalem
Phone Number: 215-355-4373
Fax Number: 215-357-6628

Action Shots

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Additional Information

School Type: Co-ed Montessori
Founded: 1972
Ages/Grades: 2 y.o. -2nd Grade
School Setting:

The campus is located on 1.5 acres in the Trevose area of Bucks County and is an integral part of the community.

School Size: 81
Classroom Size: Primary 16 children and 2 teachers. Toddler 10 children and 2 teachers
Student/Teacher Ratio: Primary 1:8 Toddler 1:5

Depending on program

Financial Aid:



Montessori Method

Percentage of Graduating Class: 100%
Support Services:

Reading Specialist Available

Camp Programs: Yes
Summer School: No
After School Programs: Yes
Parking Spaces/Availability:


Admissions Requirements:

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for each grade level. Admission decisions are based on a variety of criteria.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Neshaminy Montessori believes in a holistic approach to learning, providing the necessary tools for students to successfully manage the social, emotional, physical and intellectual challenges throughout their lives. The Montessori teacher’s role is as facilitator, mentor and friend and in all capacities to nourish each child’s limitless spirit and imagination, and to encourage a strong sense of the independent self.

School History:

Founded in 1972, Neshaminy Montessori shares a campus with Trevose Day School. Although these programs are distinct, the students interact casually on a daily basis and periodically on larger school-wide projects.

Notes/School Information:

Neshaminy offers 2 Montessori sessions per day
Extracurricular activities available during the school day: Art, Movement. French, Library, Ceramics, Music, and Chess.

After-school programs M-F until 6 pm : soccer, art and STEM

Neshaminy's bucolic campus grounds serve as an outdoor classroom for hands-on educational experiences. Our students learn about sustainability through the preservation of our campus, caring for gardens and tending to animals such as hens and rabbits. Our goal is teach students on a micro-level what it means to be global citizens.

The barn, located behind the main school building, is a multi-purpose facility providing ample space for our children to play, move, create, and learn throughout the school day and during after hours programming.