Redeemer Montessori School

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Basic Information

Address: 2700 Warren Circle , Irving Texas 75063
County: Dallas
Phone Number: 972 257 3517
Fax Number: 972 258 9882

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Redeemer Montessori School

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Additional Information

School Type: Montessori
Founded: 1978
Ages/Grades: Preschool -3rd Grade
School Setting:

Residential area

Student/Teacher Ratio: 12/1
Financial Aid:


Camp Programs: No
After School Programs: Yes
Uniform Guidelines:

Compulsory for elementary class

Admissions Requirements:

School Tour and application

Mission Statement:

RMS is committed to educating children in an ideal learning environment based upon Montessori principles which foster independent thinking, creative learning and spiritual well being. We follow the children in the journey of discovery and growth in becoming socially responsible, morally aware, global citizens.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The RMS academic philosophy is based on Montessori principles that guide the daily practices of the school. The staff of certified Montessori teachers respects each child's uniqueness and plans the progress of each student in accordance with the needs, interests and abilities of each student. The introduction of new material is determined by individual readiness and the teacher serves as a resource, guide and helper, assisting in the child's adventure towards life-long learning.
Maria Montessori's philosophy of child development and her educational system was the result of extensive study of the child using the scientific method. Modern research strongly supports her theory that children learn through interactions with the objects and people in their environment. In preprimary classes, the growth of each child is enhanced though a rich variety of “hands on” activities. The elementary class extends experiences and offers interdisciplinary learning with real life applications. Experiences of the student are developmentally appropriate and form the foundation for critical thinking skill, and the understanding of abstract ideas.

Cooperative experiences in cross age groupings are a natural part of the Montessori classroom. This grouping develops a sense of community and allows younger children to grow though their observations and interactions with the older child's advanced skills. As the older children mentor the younger children their knowledge is restructured and solidified.

RMS is not just a great school for children; it is a wonderful place for families. Parent involvement is an important element of the school community. Our families come together throughout the year for celebration, planning and education. Optimal learning is facilitated when the child, parent and teacher work together.