The Renaissance International School

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Basic Information

Address: Oakland Campus: 3650 Dimond Ave, Oakland Piedmont Campus: 5201 Park Blvd, Piedmont
County: Alameda County
Phone Number: 510-531-8566

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Additional Information

School Type: Private
Founded: 1992
Ages/Grades: 2 - Middle School
Camp Programs: Yes
Notes/School Information:

The Renaissance International School is a Montessori school for children age 2 years old through middle school with campuses in Oakland and Piedmont.

We provide students with a high-quality education designed to create compassionate, capable, confident, creative individuals who are prepared for life. Our curriculum includes the full substance of a traditional curriculum and then goes beyond by offering a strong music, visual arts, and language immersion component.

Our graduates attend top Bay Area high schools and are successful in college and in life.